Friday, December 31, 2010

Enjoying the last day of 2010

A friend commented (on fb, my only social source, for me the real world, ok, well sorta true) and said she was enjoying and reflecting on this past year and all that had happened. I like what she said and it's stuck with me. Today, I am purposing to reflect on all that this past year was and all that God did.
I'm not sure how much will get onto my blog as I only go online once a day or so. But I want to be thankful. I remember in past years, I always felt I hadn't lived up to something, or wasn't at my full potential. Finally learning to love myself....and enjoy all God has done in me. Instead of feeling like I didn't do this or that each year.
As a tradition, I enjoy New Year's Eve as a time to reflect, worship and seek God for the future. The past few years have been more game nights (also, fun). But this year since our 3 boys have some bad coughs, we are staying in...and I hope to incorporate my growing up traditions into our new family (ok, new as in 5 still learning to add to our family traditions).
This past week I've gotten to enjoy my family who visited for Christmas. Only hosted 10 people this time. Skyped for the first time over at my in-laws (w/my Tx family) on Christmas Day. That was fun. Wish we could do that more. Made 'raw' cinnamon rolls (they were supposed to be cooked, and we all had to put ours back in the oven). Made overly salty pumpkin pancakes...which I think are really needing to be thrown in the compost pile now (that's what happens when you multiply by 5). Listened to my coughing boys. Watched them pray for each other....and their Pappa, who's ankle is healing very speedily! I love seeing my boys pray and ask for prayer on a daily basis. It's been super cold but we are learning how to keep our home warm. For me a fun thing is, I think from all the hosting, I've really kept up on my house's daily stuff, it seems way easier when you don't have that and 40 people under your roof. Though I'm truly thankful for all the time getting to have my family together. I think we are leaving the tree up since it just went up last week.
Oh, highlights, one of my girl friends (one of the babies I'd been praying for) had her little girl a month early, but all is well. 3 days of non-stop praying...(and enjoying God's Presence) and she arrived. Now, a few more babies due....looking forward to it.
I don't post this on here often....but I pray for more kids, I would love more....and every time I do....I also pray for a few other friends who are asking God to have a baby, too! It keeps me focused on Him, not just my own heart. I could write a lot more on this...and maybe later I will.
Well, off to enjoy my boys, story time. And try to get out my New Year's cards........
I hope to be back on next year, ha,ha....and post more everyday stuff, like the 'fun' of 3 toddler boys. Well, does a 4 year old count as a toddler, maybe now I've only got 2 toddlers and a child. Well, more on that later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is it really amost Christmas??!!

I don't want the New Year to get here, and not have blogged one last time....
small goals, yet, still goals.
I just realized it's almost Christmas...yes, I know, it really is ALMOST Christmas! I'm not sure what happened, but I didn't get the memo this year.
We did do all our shopping, don't get me wrong...and I've eaten my fair (or more) share of cookies for the holidays. Baked, not so much this year....(last years 50,000 sugar cookies kinda did me and my family in). Presents wrapped - nope...thinking about it as I sit here...and also doing the dishes, I know multi-tasking! I think it's more like I have ADD or something......only able to focus for small amounts of time w/out getting distracted and bored.
I know for sure the fact that my folks and 1/2 of my siblings (yes, that's 7 siblings) are in TX this year is a bit of my shell shock that Christmas has hit. The other half, thankfully are coming to my house for our own celebration of sorts. Staring new traditions, w/the hope that we will all be together next year! I must admit, it's not set in the fact that for the first time ever I won't see most of my family, and for the first time will have my own Christmas w/just my hubby and boys...weird! I think it will be good, but just a big change.
I do enjoy getting to tell my kids about St. Nick, and Jesus...and the Reason we are celebrating all this fun! Watching my boys faces each A.M., as I plug in the tree, and as I tell them (again) not to touch the tree or ornaments that they so nicely hung (all on one branch). Enjoying the idea of hosting all my hubbies family at our house....I think it will be nice. Easy now that we hosted a mere 40 people of all age groups....I think.
So as I write, I see in my words, that yes, this is a New Year for me at Christmas time!
I think I am in denial that by tomorrow I need to clean my whole house, shop, wrap gifts (didn't do it - again, tonight), and all the last min. things. Oh, and take care of my 3 boys.
As I groggily need to log off (and hope this all makes a tad bit of sense in the AM),
P. S. tried to upload a pic again....but dial up is too special!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My monthly blogging fun...

You thought I fell of the face of, not completely. I just have been on the computer less and less, with life, boys and dial up, it's a bit much to handle.
But I didn't forget about my monthly fun of chatting to myself (and the few of you that have fun reading my thoughts, when of course there is time....I know, not enough it seems to go around a day). Blogging is like my daily life, but instead of talking out loud it's nicely written down for me to laugh at myself, or vent a little, remember memories, I may likely forget w/my lack of memory.
Had a lovely visit from my Texas family for a week. And was blessed to get to host them all, well some of my family....just 9+ of them or so overnights. Though we did have at least 40 people under our roof a few times, and eating yummy food together. Lots of love, food and noise.....Colby's Birthday, Thanksgiving prep (though we took our gang to my aunt's for the meal part), Peyton (one of my little brothers) and his birthday bash, and just fun family time, catching up with each other. (And me learning how to host massive amounts of people - respect my Mom more, now that it was my turn).
Let's just say, now I miss my family more......(not many live close sad).
The past few weeks, after our Thanksgiving slumber party week, were spent recuperating, cutting back on coffee (yes, gasp), but it was longer giving me the pick up I needed to accomplish all I need to do each day (that I never really get done).
Highlight for me (small to some, large to me) was getting my energy back after 3 weeks....yeah! Becoming a nicer person again....and getting our house ready for hosting Christmas gatherings. It'll be smaller numbers like 20 people this time....much easier...really. Though I will miss my TX family during this season! It will be my first Christmas separate from my parents and 1/2 my siblings....weird! But am trying to squeeze into my life a few gift making items to share some love, since we can't be together in person~!
And I am looking forward to some babies that will be here sometime in of my close (past) roomies.....a cousin's, and very good friend's and another family friend = 4! My thoughts are already there in prayer for this exciting time of birth and life!And praying for a few who want babies!
On a less overviewish sort of way......I came up with a new idea for my own tradition w/my hubby and 3 boys. I want to do a grateful tree. Each year we will write out things we are grateful for, prayers answered, miracles that have happened, etc....then roll them up, tie them w/ a ribbon and hang them on our tree. Each year we will bring out the past years and add to. I am excited to figure out how to keep the focus on Jesus, our Saviour, who became a baby.....for me....and those who choose His great gift! This was one of my simple thoughts while cleaning toilets or peeling carrots.....But my desire is to have fun w/St. Nick and enjoy the Joy of Christmas! I want my boys to know the miracle of Christmas. And it will be fun to see their thoughts on paper as they mature....and grow. A timeline of sorts, too. And like Moses in the Bible, we are supposed to talk of the things God has done w/our children (so we don't forget his Awesomeness), and even have rocks of remembrance......but for now it'll be on paper. That can be another fun summer wall building project.
I know I had one more profound thought....but it has slipped from my maybe if it comes back...I'll note, not happening....ok, fine....
Well, with thoughts for our past, futures and living in our present (sometimes chaos)..........hopefully I'm back on a few more times before our new year comes....but we'll see. Life, boys...who are toddlers.....and me figuring out the joy (and confusion at times) of raising little men!
Oh, and just so you know...though I sound peppy on here, and that's my nature to be positive...(I think).....I'm really learning and fumbling to raise 3 little men, who some days feel like triplets! And reign in my own self.....and learn to 'grow up', too! The past week was a super challenge.....the kids missing all the love and quality time they got from my family...and me learning to meet or not be able to meet all their needs! Or listen to their sweet Kyle baby has taken over Ryan's job. Ryan is now independent of me and happy about it. Colby is back and forth on being 4.
Well, off to put these earlier risers down for naps, clean my house, and get ready to celebrate Jesus...daily.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, my hands are full

A while back I posted on comments you hear as a Mom, especially when you're out and about. I have to admit, I love to go out alone....why, then people know these are my boys. Yes, I have twins, no, they are not triplets. Yes, they are close in age. Yes, I have 3 kids 3 and under....but not for long. Soon, I'll have a 4 year old and two 2 year olds. I'm sure people will still think I have triplets, but that's ok. I just love my kids, and it's fun to show off them (and all the hard work I know that goes into them). There are a few times that (when I'm in a hurry), it's hard to get stopped often, but most of the time I enjoy it. I guess I just love talking about my kids. The comments I enjoy, are when I find out others are twins or have twin children. That's fun. And one of my favorites, is when the commentor knows how blessed I am. I agree! I am!
So, even if I have to hear and reply to 1,000 "Wow, your hands are full", in my heart I know it's full of love, too!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Being thankful

If you're anything like me = a human. Then I believe being thankful is an art. One that takes work, not always is it a gift. Though at times, I've been graced w/thanfulness.....mostly I must cultivate it. I am truly grateful for my family....there are some things that don't take lots of work to be thankful and know we are blessed. I find more my struggle is the everyday stuff. Like thankful for a body that works, instead of thinking of how much I 'should' be trying to work out, etc.....I think having kids helps give a better perscpective on self image than our CA overly body aware state.
O.K. back to being thankful.
I just started thinking of things that I love. Can't help but list the beautiful trees that surround my county. I am just amazed at God's awesomeness every day I drive in this county. The colors, the light reflecting off the new changed colors, even the pink coming in my house off the Japanese Maple out my window.
How I love Fall trees, French Press Coffee, Pumpkin scones (lots of them), home made sourdough bread, boys who run, jump and play, boys who want to be hugged (when I'm busy), family who loves me, phone calls, facebook (I know, some think a copout from reality, but I find it's a connection), being healthy, a husband who loves to cuddle (and can fall asleep in less than 30 secs), boys who can't stop talking (don't know who's side they got that from), changing kitty litter (ok, that's more of an extrenal one, my boys think I love it, but really, not so much), a home to live in, a fire to start every day (and keep going), a washing machine (working on being thankful to fold it all), a Country where we are Free, and Freedom in God....well, just a thankful post because I am.
I find it gets fun to list all you're thankful for......we do it w/our kids at night and growing up we did it. Sometimes my list is all I know I should be grateful for (when I'm having a bad attitude)....and usually my heart starts to change when my focus's kind of fun to watch the morph......
Hope you're enjoying Fall (you can't tell it's one of my favorite seasons)~!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Cakes and life with Boys

My best intentions to make it to faster internest servcie, a.k.a. My hubby's office....have not been put in place. I have succeeded at actually sleeping through the night.....for those who love sleep or miss it, it's a great feat! Let's just say a week spent near my boys room, and I think we are in for a great blessing = sleep.
I get to make the cake for a baby shower tomorrow, baking hopefully it'll freeze in time to be decorated. And some how in there going to make 2 nursing covers, my specialty gift.
Fall has been beyond lovely! And our new home is set amongst so many beautiful trees. We had to have a family photo shoot, it was just too much beauty to not set in photo....(not just my cute family). Thankful for such a wonderful home and getting to stay with my boys each day and watch and teach them as they grow.
I know I've said this before, but I wish I was a twin...such a special bond.
Colby, Kyle and Ryan have been having a blast playing outside (while it's still nice enough), chasing their new barn kitties around. They are more daring than I, who's a scardy cat of cats. Our winter garden is giving us a little bit already. Thankful for all the squash we had, but am glad for a change of veggie. Let's just say I had to learn some recipes for how to use yellow squash, lots of it, every day!
We've done lots of pumpkin patches and hope to make it to Apple Hill this Fall. Missing my Tx family lots, but thankful to FB for pictures. And the joy of getting to take all 3 boys w/out all their help. (Actually, it's a blessing, I did so much w/my family for fun outings, that it's been good to have to be alone and learn how to go to the store, or many all on the same day. Sounds silly to share, but the ability to shop w/little ones is a fine art, or a fine balance!).
Well, just a lovely Fall to enjoy my boys, bake a cake, sew, and LIVE!
Lots of love and would love to hear about your Fall.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthdays and Perspective

Well, another Birthday passed. Ok, I'm making it sound like I don't care. Really, I LOVE birthdays.....they are fun, you celebrate life, gift giving (one of my love languages), words of affirmation (another love language), coffee of course and good laughs. But one of the best gifts and greatest things I learned this birthday, besides feeling a bit more wise and just plain grateful, was.....perspective and a THANKFUL heart. (Need to check my boys helping me put away clean's getting put in the bathroom, I'm scared....brb.)
Ok, I'm back. And folded 2 loads of laundry, initiated by my boys wanting to help. Thanks, Boys!
I put my heart in an expectant position for the day (my birthday last week) matter what joy I was out w/girl friends at the park and lots of chatting or cleaning up a potty tip over....I found I had joy. I realized that instead of a large overwhelming must-do-to-do-don't really-do list......I set stuff aside, did some chores (a Mom has to you know.....or it just get crazier). My outlook and heart were set to be when the usual hard stuff comes....5 pm low blood sugar potty's spilling all over....clean up emergency...well, I just said, " This is my birthday, not gonna let this ruin it". Amazingly, I had energy still, didn't feel so tired (as is proned to this phase of the day) and kept looking forward to the rest of the day (what was left). I began to think that I need to have this outlook and heart position each day! I had energy, I was super happy, I was expectant of good, I took the things that are hard for me and just kept going, it was a good day. That same life lesson, or should we say personal revelation....has been something I've been pondering and thinking on in my heart this past week or so. I wanted to share it so it will solidify, and hopefully keep growing in my heart and attitude.
I often feel tired throughout my day, overwhelmed, and just lethargic. I don't like feeling like this. My birthday was a revelation to my heart and mind, to change how I view things and handle life as it comes. Potty chairs and all!
How do you cultivate a thankful heart....I make my kids smile at me if they are changes their heart and attitude. I don't think we are that much more complicated than kids, are we? Just more stubborn sometimes. I start thanking God for things, good things, great things, hard things, even bad things (mostly I've seen Him use them for good for me because He loves me), and like David in the Psalms, I command my soul to praise Him! It works wonders on a bad attitude or a dejected heart. When I'm truly going through something hard, I do the same, and often I dance and worship, something about moving around making myself and my body worship, changes my heart and my outlook and sometimes I even feel my situations shift. Practical application: Dinner time, crazy time for us all, I make dinner, taking breaks w/the worship music to dance.....and lift up praise = a better Mom = a better home and kids! Of course, I forget this great tool and position of heart, and those days/evenings are harder....but I'm sharing so I can keep it in the forefront of my heart/mind.
So grateful for a new perspective, what a great gift on a birthday.
To add to what I'm sharing....I recently read a post by a friend on FB telling us to get over our weather hating selves.....she said it comically but truthfully....if it's hot, quit complaining, go swim, drink ice tea, have fun! If it's cold, get cozy and put on a scarf, something hot and yummy to drink! (I have changed it a bit to my own but the heart of her comment was good). It's weather she said and it's always changes, so get over it! Loved it! We are so fickle and quick to complain.....hey, we are lucky to have A/c or swamp coolers in the summer, others don't have (my Mom always reminded us of the fact that we always have/had a lot) and we have heaters/woodstoves/blankets/family to cuddle with....and there are those who don't! Ooops, not trying to sound like my Mom, but I guess as I'm raising my boys, my heart is surfacing and I'm dealing w/all that is in it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
To end on a lighter note....we are taking one of these last hot days....(a sudden heat wave of sorts, meaning hot for this cold summer) and going swimming w/Grandma!
Thanks for listening...and I would love to hear how you get perspective on life!
P.S. I'm experimenting w/a picture up loading option, so maybe pictures will appear in the near future...we'll see. As you can see above....I found a way.....the twins at the 2nd birthday party w/cousins eating popsicles! Pretty EXCITING.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My good friends yummy blog

My good friend's yummy and helpful blog

Really, you should check it out. She references a very helpful site and she mentored me in cooking and baking for myself and my oldest when he was off of dairy and gluten! What a help she was.
P.S. Her pictures make me wish I'd driven a few hours for that meal!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I love pictures! Are you wondering where they are on my blog? Me, too. Not, really. It's called Dial up. I need to try uploading a picture every night while I sleep, that will be my new experiment. But well, truthfully my brain does a warp late at night, ok, really late afternoon, and I no longer function just sort of shuts off and down....until, I must crawl into bed and recharge. lame excuse for no pictures. Yes, my kids are as cute as ever (I know, aren't all we parents biased - it's a lovely plan of God's, so we'll love them unconditionally and so we'll get through hard days).
Today (at least in our neck of the woods), it's cooling down. Fall feels like it's on it's way. Did I get enough swimming in, no, not really, but future summers I'm sure will hold swim days, for now 3 boys  by the water is fun and a handful (life jackets a must for us). It's hard to let go of fun summer days that make you feel so young and healthy. Days that make you remember your childhood as you watch your children live theirs. It's like having fun all over again as I take my kids to do some of the same things my parents did with me.
We had so much fun in TX with lots of family and lots of fun and sun. We had an exciting (and transisitional for me alone) move to the country. We've had our ups and downs on potty training (2 out of 3 love it, so were are taking a break on one for now.....). Let's just say I cried a few days, I grew up, and I'm learning to be grateful for little things in life. Our garden is still (really starting to go) full blown on the squash.....yep, that's what's for dinner every night. I save so much not going to the store every week for veggies and fruits this summer. We've been without cable (or DLS) and have survived. Acutally, I think our marriage is better for it. Late summer nights on the patio (once the kids are in bed) w/ a drink and a nice long evening chat. Making new memories....for ourselves as a couple and our kids. Learning what my Mom did for us to live in the country - THANK YOU! Stacked 3 cords of wood already, here comes the woodstove and long cozy days by it with our ABC's and our 123's.
Colby is doing well developmentally, though I do feel at times I need more tools. His passion for music and everything related - rhythm especially is consistent. His love for books and learning is always present.....I feel he'd be happy if I just read all day long to him. I feel a bit bad that he's a people pleaser/perfectionist like his father and I combined. A true oldest....sorry, Son, I guess that's what happens when you put 2 oldests together.
Kyle is the most bold of the bunch, and daring.....jumping, climbing, swinging.....he is sweet, easy (most days)....and a wonderful little man. His eye contact will draw you in.....and his spirit is so sweet!  I believe there is a depth to him from the stress of his birth, something so valuable....He is great. It's funny to say most daring and also most easy going, but he is!
Ryan is my (whiner - somethign we are working on....talking would be way better) people pleasing, Daddy's boy, cheese ball. Daring in most things like Kyle, they are a force together. When my aunt said she sensed "Sons of Thunder", I'd have to agree. It felt true in my Spirit when they were in the womb, and now I get to see it in action! Thankful each day for the amazing individuality and the special bond they have (don't you want to be a twin, too...I do).
All my boys are gifted to 'talk'....not sure if they got that from my side (just kidding....if you know me and my family, boys included, we can talk). And Cuddle.....that is a talent they have to, together or w/ Adam and I. They love to cuddle. Ryan w/his ears tucked in....and Kyle w/one of his special blankies and Colby in the middle of it all.
Well, life is blessed, it can be hard....but thankful it's mine and all who are in it!
How was your summer?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Speaking our language

Thankful that God speaks our language, or at least that He can get through to us after a lot of work on our (I say our, since I'm slow in getting things) part (ok, at times, I"m not always stubborn, really).
I think Motherhood, or any relationship, grows you from the inside out. We are still in the fun phase of potty training. We've got 2 out of 3 pretty much trained. But in my expectations, I get frustrated and am learning to stay consistent, but let go. I keep finding I do too much for my kids, I need to stand back and let them make mistakes, it's sooooo hard. (Especially, when I get to clean it up......).
IN the really tough phase (I admit, I've cried over this process, twice in two days and even made a call to my Mommy).....but in it I'm learning to love, beyond my own end goal! I'm always learning what language my kids speak, and at times how to get through to them. Man, that's a hard one. But I thankfully am getting to let go of my own stuff in this process. I don't know how to fully put it in to words, it's be tough. But I hope I'm getting it, too.
Let's just say I think God has more grace than I do at times. That my perfectionist self, needs to get over it's self, and I'm growing up along w/my 3 wonderful boys (sometimes 4 on certain days, ha, ha).
Well...the blogs are few between, but I felt I could take the time since my hubby is home for a day off, yes, you heard it, he's actually taking a few days off (and taking me to S.F.!). Yeah!
Have a great end of summer..... and I hope to get on more often....w/my wonderful dial up!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do not lose heart....

when doing good. I think I'm paraphrasing a Bible verse.....Do not lose heart...when doing good.
I've learned a lot (still am) from moving with 3 toddlers, a good amount of love and help, and the adjustments of expectations of living in the 'country'.
I'll start off with saying, as much as I grew up in a well run home, and I understand how it should run, I sometimes have a hard time self disiplining myself.......I judge myself, but can't fully change to meet my own expectations. I'm hoping to learn to love myself more....and still hope to change for the better.
So....again...moving with 3 little kids was a lot. A new house, a new layout, new rules, trying to unpack (I still haven't full unpacked my clothes or my office).....and jus the everyday things of life, laundry, cooking and basic cleaning. I was feeling quite overwhelemed due to the fact that I"m really not that organized, somewhat of a pack rat, and very social in personality, living in the country......with the responsiblities of catching lizards and such things in my own home.
I think I felt sunk for about 3 weeks. My major turning point to coming up for air was my Dad praying for me....I called to say Happy Father's Day.....and I got a prayer that changed the direction I had been going emotionally. A burden was lifted w/that prayer....and my heart ready to keep trying.
I got to go on vacation to see my family for almost 2 weeks. (They recently moved, so it was pretty fun). A real vacation of family, fun and lots of help.
Upon getting home, I realized I did love vacation life, but am now adjusting to being home, my outlook and heart much lighter.
I am enjoying less lizards in the house now, a dryer that works, though I still use my clothes line, too. A garden that is only 1/2 eaten by deer. The boys have and are learning our new rules and their new set ups.
And now we are potty training....I say we, yes, I know how to do it myself....but I'm learning to train 3 individual little men. Small success are happening, and i'm learning it's not always about how good I do, but who they are and how well they will do in the time they need.
Just wanted to stay in touch. Would love to know what you all are up to.....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, folks, we've moved.
Let me just say...ADJUSTING. Not the farm girl I thought I once was. I do have a garden, but my hubby has done it all so far. I may plant some stuff this week, to finish it off before I head out to Texas for a family visit w/my 3 boys (and my sister there for support/safety in our travels).
I have dial up, slow but hey, it's a connection.
Well, back to unpacking, cleaning, and eating Chocolate to cope.
By the way, I do love using my clothesline, though my laundry is now crispy until we get our dryer hooked up (to soften them at the end of the drying process, ooooh, country life) and my other fav is my compost heap, yes heap!
Well, hope to post some fun soon.....and pics.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is the day

As I sign on, and sign off in my lovely home where so much has happened.....(and when I need to be packing my last box)......Just wanted you all to know that I'll be back on here.  Who knows....we'll see. Mary, my lovely friend said I could come by her house (and have coffee) to email. So we'll see. Dial up at the new place. So much happening today...letting go, trusting God, and walking in Faith that He is in Control!
Gotta love it......back at 'em.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So, my fellow blog friends....we are in the moving process. I may only have dial up when I slow connection. I want to stay in touch, so email me. I will be checking in and hopefully writing from time to time.
3 toddlers, a new garden and lots of summer fun....we may not be at the computer as much....but will keep you updated on the life in the land of boys!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

My twins last summer.....too cute, had to repost this one!
I think I have mini (suppressed) heartaches every time my boys get a bit crazier. They wrestle, they have playful rough housing....they do belly slams and chest slams.....and they love it. It's scary and fun to watch all at the same time. Do all boys do this? My oldest was so mild mannered, but he's beginning to learn to get in on the fun, dog piling each other, sitting on heads (I try to make this off limits), and they all have so much fun together. Weirdly enough they rarely get hurt?? Wow, so far.....
Adam is off fishing, and I just realized he's gone for another day, we really need to merge our calendars....the effects of getting married late in life, I think.
I had a great time w/ my Mom and lots of brothers and grandparents and cousins. We had a 2 day slumber party...and now I'm home recupperating. Thinking popcorn and a movie, got my buckwheat and coconut milk soaking for tomorrow's pancakes....(learning to soak, next step to sprout grains and flours).....and yummy (if I have the energy) gluten free cinnamon rolls and of course Coffee!
Well, just wanted to say hello and nite to all my Texas family!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy in the kitchen, busy in my life

I haven't been posting pics, though I'm taking them. I think that my computer wants me to take some off...and haven't gotten around to that. So I might post the pictures later.
Here is a yummy dish, well it's still in the fridge but can't wait to eat this....raw tapicoca pudding....for me.
And I also, have these in the oven. Cinnamon rolls, I sure hope they are worth all my hard work, staying up late, a messier kitchen, but coffee is brewing and they are baking. It's gonna be a good day. We get to celebrate Adam's Grandpa's 90th in town and have a picnic, too.
I've been having some fun since Colby seems to have outgrown his wheat and dairy allergy. But, I know I feel better when I eat less wheat, and no dairy. With Colby's freedom, I've had a bit of regular food here and there. And am thinking, NO. But for a few more days, I'll play and make some yummy stuff for my boys. I do have one more regular cinnamon roll recipe in mind to try, and then a gluten free one. Save those for another Sat PM/Sunday AM.
My boys are out jumping on their trampoline in cowboy boots, don't worry they do have shirts on! Now, that would be a fun picture...but alas, I need to help out my computer a bit first.
Have a great Sunday....and let the yummyness begin.

Friday, May 14, 2010

maple pecan butter

maple pecan butter
This looks too yummy, soaking tonight....yummy ness in a few days....worth the wait I"m sure, though this will be my first nut butter making, as well as, soaking.

With that title....I won't ruin it w/combing my day thus far....3 kids, outside and I won't say more now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Gluten-Free Homemaker

The Gluten-Free Homemaker
I've bookmarked so many yummy things. One is this one...above.
Oh, did I mention my young man (oldest little man- C.J.) is doing ok w/wheat and dairy. Life is so much simpler. But I do find that the kids have had too much 'processed' foods for my liking....and I who have been wheat and dairy free (and not feeling quite as energetic), am slowly making compromising due to only having to cook for myself I am baking up a storm....well, enough to have for this week and freeze some, too.
Twins were worn out from our fun weekend, so early naps and just C.J. I in the kitchen. Nice!
Might be back w/more, if I get really out of control in the baking department....and let the clean laundry accumulate on the couch.

protein for breakfast: teff muffins

protein for breakfast: teff muffins
My big boy and I are baking...this is our first thing to bake today...gonna try to make some apple bars, too.
Note: I used apples instead of pears, I had some that needed to be used up. I accidentally added 1 1/2 c. sorghum flour so I also added an extra 1/4 c. applesauce, still taste yummy and good.

Baby, it's cold outside....and we are nice and toasty.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Enjoying this Mother's Day

For some of us, we begin to value our Mom's even more once we've struggled along the path of Motherhood. We begin to be thankful for them, they were the ones who fed us and gave up sleep for us, now we know, as we begin to do the same self sacrificing for our small children.
Of course, not every Mother's Day is really about us, I'm beginning to see and learn.
My first, was spent w/my Mom, while my hubby was away on business. Of course, though only pregnant it still felt so sad to me.
My second was spent in a Starbucks w/my one year old and sister-in-law (She's so fun!)....waiting for my hubby to finish golf for a bachelor party.....yeah, I didn't know how to voice what I wanted, or sorta of just expected my thoughts would become reality. Sometimes at the phase I didn't even know what I wanted until they didn't happen, and I realized I would have to learn to share what i wanted and then just let go of some things not happening they way I'd hoped. Gifts are don't pick them (though I have dropped very strong hints. Ex: Valentine's Day - "Honey, I'd like a box of chocolates from Dorado's." = the best chocolate in the world and it's local).
My third, my hubby went golfing w/his Mom. I was devastated...that he forgot me (and all the hard work of motherhood).
My 4th- this year....I'm learning to let go....and my hubby is learning to make it special. We have talked out our past expectations and disappointments....and are learnign to be a couple and parents. It's so complicated, but feels so good when we learn together.
This year - my 4th - I got to sleep in (though you can't help hearing your kids from 6-8 am talking, crying and playing). They still want you, even if Dad is meeting all their needs (and they usuually want him, till they can't have you). But so grateful to my hubby for putting me first and loving me. (Don't worry, we did spend some quality time w/Grandma Wendy. My Mom and I had a good phone chat). I am currently smelling a very yummy chocolate flourless torte cooking and waiting to cover it in an espresso ganache topping....and eat it! Yummy chocolate torte is almost done.....I did double it since we are sharing it today w/some close family friends (she's been like a 2nd Mom to me) and my sister and her family. Thankful for the love and family and close friendships that really feel like family.
Adam is fixing our hot water was leaking, so not sure I'll get to get 'dolled' up as much, and oh, bummer, I can't do my dishes till it's fixed. Ok, I'm ok with that, they'll be there on a non-Mother's Day...tomorrow.
I have ideas for next year, maybe a brunch w/my Mom -in-law....and maybe my hubby will golf the day before Mom's Day...and then family time on actual Mom's day. It's such a balance, honoring your Mom and Mom-in-law, and learning to take time for yourself and create that special day w/your family. And it's about teaching your kids to love and give on these special days....for them it's just fun to make you a card and scribble  color.
Thankful for my kids, who have made me a Mom and my hubby for his help in it all.
Well, I get to enjoy my boys when they all wake up from their naps, and enjoy being w/them.
I hope you all have a blessed Mom's day, whether celebrating your Mom, being celebrated, or just taking some time out to be thankful for our Mom's impacts on our lives.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Playing around

You may notice if you've been on at all this nice Saturday morning....that my blog keeps changing. I'm just playing with it and having  fun. Trying to make it simple, cute and easy to read and look at. I dream of getting a specially designed page....someday. For now my little hobby is to just do what I can myself, learn new stuff (isn't that what life is about), and hopefully get to know a few more people from this fun journey of blogging.
Have a great Saturday.....

Friday, May 7, 2010

If one does it, the others must

Are we really all seems we are. The Bible talks about us being sheep. Have you ever spent time with a sheep? Yes, I know, I was born a country girl....and got the privilege of raising sheep though 4-H. Well, from my limited knowledge of 2 years of raising them....I found that truly sheep are stupid. I loved my sheep, we made a bond right away. I spent the first 24 hours w/my little sheep (singular). That special little lamb wouldn't ever get out of it's pen, unless I wasn't the one to be there to feed it. They follow you where ever you go, hence, Mary's Little Lamb.....loyalty. I hope we people have that much loyalty when it comes to our Good Shepherd.
I started off with this, it's been a thought in my head....for a life time. Growing up in a culture with an awareness (I think too strongly) of what others are doing, trying to be alike, trying to figure out who we are. But we seem to be like twins, looking at one another....and if the other looks good, then so must we. Or if we don't trying to change our selves to be identical to the other we are looking at. (Do you get that? My twins look to each other to see that they are ok, they are a comfort to one another, not a bad thing, as long as, they also get to know themselves separately from the other). What I'm trying to put into words, is that I think we as a culture - maybe this is human kind? - we try to find our value in what others think, we want to be individuals, yet copy one another. And I think the biggest challenge and biggest honor to God, is to be who we were created to be. God wasn't trying to clone us to be a like....sure we have things in common that bond us to one another, say being a twin...(just having fun).
On a even more personal note, I have watched my kids, copy one another, if one does it, then the next must try it. From what I say "No" to, to just all wanting to spit in the trash can for some odd reason. Sitting here watching it made me realize I want to learn to follow God's lead. I sometimes feel I have a built in mechanism for man's approval, and the past few years are finally freeing me (well, really it's my walk w/Jesus), but feel like I'm beginning to get a life long lesson, just a bit more.
I think some of these thoughts were stirring as I thought of how I've changed in the past years. Finally, getting lessons God's been loving trying to help me learn. The beauty of loving your kids, is sometimes you finally begin to see more of God's love for yourself. Not having to prove myself or gain other people's recognition. Losing pride, and even our former selves = in a natural and spiritual sense.
I have watched a few (not all) extended family members comment to me and various siblings over our life time of looks. Do we look fat? Do we look to thin? Surprisingly...yes, I know, I used to think I was fat, when I was a very thin teen. I realized as I've learned to love myself (and my body for God's creation), having kids and the metamorphosis (Thanks, Sesame Street for a bigger vocabulary today) my body (and life) has taken. Thankful and praying that I will continue to learn to know God's love for myself and for others....I really don't want to be 80+ years old and still thinking about these issues of body identity (or whatever we call it). I want to focus my life on loving (and being healthy). I do enjoy being healthy, I'm still balancing out loving my body in it's changes of life and knowing that who I am is not just my outer appearance. The inner shines forth....and I know LOVE is the most attractive thing. It's not that I don't sometimes struggle the balance of taking care of myself and the messages I 'hear' in our I should be "that Mom who has 3 wonderful boys and looks great, too".......really I'm wanting to get that the heart matters most.
I am most thankful for a Mom, who never made our looks an issue, maybe even balanced on the side of not really mention our outer beauty as much. But it's always made me listen to God's voice, and learn to shut off the other voices I hear....of comparisions, looks, being liked, etc....kind of teen-age views we may not have grown out of. Confidence is so beautiful when put on.
This is still a lesson I'm learning....I don't have it all, but am thankful to love and be loved.
My Dad is always encouraging me to read the book of Romans (in the Bible), to know my identity more.....he could tell I struggled with it for quite some time. But miracles do happen (and are still happening). I'm putting on my garmets of Praise!
And back to my kids...who are busy reading the phone book...I know weird and cute!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everything changes once you have twins (and more)....

Below is an interesting multiples blog I read and a item I would never have dreamed of thoughts follow below.....

                                                How do you feel about child harnesses?

The child harness... (or "leash" as some call it,) is a hotly debated topic among moms. As parents of multiples, our safety concerns just might make them a little more acceptable. What do you think?

This week's Question of the Week is:
How do you feel about child harnesses?
  • Do you use them? Why or why not?
  • How do your kids react to them?
  • Do you think they are an example of laziness, or simply concern over your child's safety?
  • If you are against them, do you think it's more acceptable for a parent of multiples to use them?
  • Do you think negatively of other parents that use them?

This is a touchy subject I've found personally {I'll tell more in a bit}. Once I was in the place of being a Mom of a 20 month old and twin baby boys....well, I began to think of the things that could make my life and my children's lives better. 
I started to realize as my children made it from crawling to walking (@ 10 & 11 months) and I had their older brother who was 30 months (whatever that is in years, I'm not good at math). I began to see I still had a lot of teaching, guiding and training to do. I wasn't able to go on walks alone, unless I had a stroller and/or back back for my little ones. I began to think of the future, what it would hold for me. I am an active, social person, though having 3 kids has changed that a lot. So, I began to look online and found a double harness/leash that would work for my 2 boys (it does have the option to buy more, but I was hoping my oldest son would listen to me). The first time we tried it out (all hide dirt, but you can get them in different colors and patterns) we made it from our front door to the lawn. Yes, I know....not very far, but I quickly realized this tool I had would need to be partnered w/training. It was not  as easy as a stroller where they are safely contained (and enjoying the ride). I realized that this tool would help me be more independent and mobile with my boys, but first I would have to make sure they were a bit more sure on their feet and teach them how we go for a walk. {By the way, even w/ a leash, if we are in the street I make them hold my hands, and yes, I have figured out how to walk w/ 3 toddlers holding my hands, the leash is just a back up for one who forgets to hold on, or lets go = SAFETY}. So with all the different opinions, I found once a Mom of 3 boys all mobile, that I wanted them all to live!
To answer the questions of this wonderful site..... above,
I may have thought they were lazy or the parent didn't have  the proper control over their child (I have learned a lot having 3 boys...and my views have changed). Yes, I may have even viewed them as cruel, even the ones that have the cute back pack stuffed animal w/a leash on it.
My kids did well w/them, they never fought them, and now are use to them. I've used them to walk to our mail box, go to the library and hopefully more places in the future. I would suggest practicing w/them in the house or in a fenced yard first to get the child used to them and obeying your voice, so that your outings are more enjoyable and your child knows what the harness is there for.
I think they are a great tool, and am thankful for them. When I see multiples wearing them, I just smile to myself, knowing. Yes, what a great tool!
Side note.....I do have family memebers that think they are cruel, that I'm hurting my child, and they don't 'believe' in them. But I think that once you've had either a very active child and/or multiples, your concern for their saftey is at the top of your list....and so we use the doube harness. {Our 3 year old listens well, and mostly holds our hands....of course, there are those times, I think I should have one more harness = SAFETY}. I don't have any pictures since I usually use it when my husband is at work. But I'll try to get one to show later.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts running through my head

Colby yelling to hear his echo in the toilet, nice {yes, he had just flushed it}

kids putting their fav blanket on my help..nice

Runny noses, sick kids, getting better, thankful, sunny out, but is it warm enough for my kids?

7-7 on my Spring and Summer = Mommy! Good and bad. I'm the firm one, so it's good, but I love quality time w/my hubby, so it's sad for me.

cooking raw? I think about it...but so far my food is mix of no wheat *often gluten free, no dairy (except for Adam and the twins), healthy foods, not much processed, trying to get away from any boxed stuff (except for Adam's snack foods he loves, taquitos, etc...and only he eats), lots of beans and rice [from scratch], trying to add in more veggies for us all, and raw - well maybe one day...i Like the idea for myself, but w/so much more going on, it's figuring out what works for my life where it is now, you?
juicing? It's fun, but I only break out my really wonderful juicer once a month or so (it's my lunch on some days and I experiment to see what my kids will like/try).

working out - it's an idea again, sometimes it's a reality. I've done it enough over the past 6 months that I know when I do, I feel so good. I want to have energy to keep up w/my boys.

yummy food - why I spend time cooking =  I love to eat good food!

siblings - I love my 13+ siblings....near and far, and did I mention my folks and the youngest 5 are moving = SAD {for me and my family}

babies = I love them....(just so you know...I've grown into this...and still am working on being better w/them). I have so many thoughts on this subject.....I'd have to say it's God given since I'm not the kinda of gal who ups and holds every baby she sees, but the LOVE I have is there!

Kids w/food allergies = adventure  and lots of new cooking recipes = good and bad.

Listening to the neighbor mow her lawn, soon I won't have neighbors that close (moving in a few months = still local).

Gardening - I get to plant a garden and then learn to dry/can/freeze and give away all the yummy goodness that comes from it. {Disclaimer - Adam is helping me otherwise it'd all be just one big project that I kill, not so good w/animals or plants. And my friend, Chesy is gonna be my side kick in this new adventure}

Eyebrows - I"m addicted to getting them done at a salon, and they are long over due, but w/my new bangs, you can't tell, I actually forgot about them.....but they are starting to get my attention. Lebanese may not have hairy legs/arms (the girls), but for some reason we are blessed w/ very full eyebrows (uni-brow).

I've gotten away from my new structure of chores and then now I am gonna be really focused...and clean during my boys every shortening nap time.
Dishes....and beyond....!
P.S. Favorite cookbooks?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding cakes, bridesmaids and more...

Ok, so for those who were waiting for a cake picture of my labor of love last month.....well, I have to wait till someone posts one on facebook! Yes, I forgot to get one. I was just so happy it was done and turned out so lovely and tasty. I actually baked a thousand cakes (10ish) till some didn't turn into a moist pile of cake....and froze them (that's a cake decor trick).....delivered to my Mom's. Then on the AM of the big wedding day, I helped make frosting and stack and frost w/my Mom. I did get to leave the finishing touches to her and I was ready to after the week of baking (ok, it was only like 2 days of baking, but the rest of the week was playing catch up on my chaos from those 2 days).
So, I zipped off to get ready, giving myself and the other 13 of us an hour and a half to get lovely looking. I walked in (and was actually one of the firsts there at the site) and so got Larissa (my cousin's wife and wonderful friend to us all) to myself. She dolled up my face, and let me say, it was the boldest I've ever worn my makeup. I hope to re-create this someday for a date or something. (Adam worked all day up to the wedding ceremony).
 It has only taken me a month to recover now and finally post my blog thoughts on this wonderful cake and more amazing wedding. I was blessed to see 2 of my friends get married and love who they are.
Well, I do have more to share, and sad that's it's been way too long since my last post. Getting back on track being organized with my time and energy. Wow, a wedding and cake really took a lot of my energy.
Until I post again....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How can you put the life into words helps to get to. So thankful for blogs....which for me can be like a journal of life.
{I am currently on hold....and using the time to blog, oh, wait they cut me off, I get to call back}

Well, I'm hearing my kids playing in their room, trying to get some important 'paper work' done.

We have our house on the market, and got a quick offer....but still showing it here and there, so that means I need to stay on top of my house (and chore chart).
I like to add craziness (but really it's just real life and me in training)....we are potty training (we = me mostly) Colby, with some interest from my twins, Kyle and Ryan. Mostly Ry-ry likes to sit.....and just hold it for 1/2 a day, but hey that's progress....really! This means lots and lots of stories, so thankful for library books!!!! {variety for me to read at least}

I must interject some fun kids stories....I just heard Kyle cry....and then Ryan ask "ok?" sweet! All if fine....really. Earlier this AM, Kyle sat in Colby's spot at our dining room table and was giving his stuffed doggy a drink from his cute. I love that they are loving...for the most part.

So, house on the market, keeping my house clean, Ryan not feeling too hot....Roseola.....not so fun, but not too serious....just cooped up till this weekend, when we are no longer contagious. And I can make a gluten free/dairy free pizza for a party we are going to. I know, you're jealous and wish you could have some, too.

Let me add to my list of fun, planning a shopping trip. Still doing the math on what I need to make a carrot cake for 80 ppl and a choc for the cakes! Yes, I do one a year...AND I'm in the wedding. Thankfully, my Mom, is going to build, decorate and deliver the cake, I just get to shop for it and bake it. She is even whipping up the gallons of frosting, too. So I get to alter my dress, simple ( I hope)......and this girl needs nylons....I used to scoff at them, but these legs in my cute spring dress will be a bit warmer (and not so white).

Adam, my busy hubby, is working through the weekend, too, so it's all alone that I attempt this and not sure how I am squeezing my shopping in to this, late at night, I'm sure. {When you're wonderful hold music stops, and it's scary to wait and see if they'll come back with this great music to let you know if you'll be cut off again for the 3rd or 4th time after waiting for 15 mins each time, am I complaining, no. Just makes your heart stop for a min.}

It's good to hear the laughter from the other room, and know all is well.

I'll hopefully let you know if I really get time to make my own laundry detergent this week, or my other small projects that I'm attempting in the effort to spend more wisely.

Back to waiting see if they dropped me again.....oooh, yeah the 'bad' music is on again.....

It sounds like I'm dumping my to-do list here...oops. Just so many things I'd like to do, but have to just try each day to do what I can.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey, I hear comments all the time about how my hands are full. But - I know that should be enough, but wondered if anyone read my blog...and it's ok to comment on here.
Or does the feature of comments not work, let me know and I'll figure that out.
Ok, back to finding flank steak recipes......yummy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full days = full heart

Equals a busy life for this ever changing procrastinator (though no longer a perfectionist of the worse sort, just sorta). So many thoughts through out the day that I would love to share, but when it comes time to share, they are gone...and all I can dream of is sleep.
I did just get to go away for over 24 hours to a bridal shower and bachelorette Tahoe!  Adam gladly watched the kids (this wasn't so when they were babies and you know how scary a baby can be to a man...well to a lot of men, this isn't a diss, it's just fact)....and I completely enjoyed my time away, and am just now catching up on sleep. Did I mention I Love my husband! (Not just for watching our munchkins all weekend). I got to celebrate a friend who is getting married, we talked marriage, real marriage, the good, the hard, the nitty gritty and all that we've learned (so far). I am so thankful for friendships that can stay together over time and changes. And yeah for getting to love and celebrate my friend, Ms. Powers....she's losing a good last name, but gaining a great man. I don't know if I'll get over calling her by her last name (maiden)....that is.
It was wonderful to be with my sisters (blood and ones I call sister) and am looking forward to our time together next month = wedding! I get to be in it, oh, and somehow decorate (and bake) the cake for the wedding. I've got my Mom on board, so in between her own 6 kids (that is the ones left at home, but all will be coming home for this event = 13+) and real estate, she's gonna help me, so I can get ready (spend time) with the bride to be. I didn't over-commit, I just have a great (and crazy fun) Mom. {history fun fact: I taught my mom to decorate cakes, when she bought a bakery and told me I was now in charge of decorating = a dream, but not a lot of skill. Let me tell you, I learned really fast to get good!!!! Hours of practicing in between selling donuts}.
I never feel like I've got it together, but I feel like I'm always learning. I wish I had it all together, but nope. I'm learning to manage my home, train my kids, take care of myself, enjoy chore charts (I do have one, but am still learning to do it every single day). Today {I'll brag at what I'm learing}, I was going to do ALL the chores I didn't get done this week (or 1/2 of last weeks) due to tax prep, home selling paperwork, and a family budget we were compiling.....and then I remembered this is why I have my chore chart, not to slack off and then spontainously do 5 in one day and 'hate' it. So, I just did todays (and love it)'s all about consistency in life {and w/kids}. REALLY someday I'll get this.
I'm trying to enjoy my 'dying' times....along w/times of life (this is all word pictures). For the most part I do feel very blessed, but when I get frustrated and realize I am not a patient mom, and that I need to work on myself and love my kids in new's kinda revealing, ya know. I learn daily that I have to learn to love, by giving of myself to my kids/family. It's in small and big things, but I really want to get I know it's basic, kids are so simple with their love. It's sometimes just hard for me to die to my selfishness, or change my bad habits becuase they dont' benifit my family (Or myself).
Just in case Auntie Ambie reads this, Kyle came and gave me a big hug after I changed his diaper...he initiated it on how own!!!! Loved it! 1 1/2 and already giving hugs (and love).
It's time to prep dinner (I start really it's actually ready when we are) long, and hope to write soon, very soon.
Great grandma Joyce and all my little men

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have decided.....

I have decided that I'd like out of survival mode. Round and round I go....and where I'm going, no one knows. {hmmm, maybe i've read too many nursery rhymes. By the way some of those are a bit intense and I don't think they are really for little children}.
Back to my thoughts and goals. I'm tired, but I need to summon the energy to push a bit more and jump this hurdle. If you've every gone rock climbing ( I did when I was in shape, a.k.a. before babies) and you have to give it a few very last pushes/lunches/reaches up....even when you have NO strength left....let me just say the noises/groans are not so lady like, but it's the very deepest of the energy you can muster. (ok, so maybe I wasn't in that great of shape..hmmm...).
I want out of survival mode with my 3 much as is reasonable. It's not fun at first, but it's already starting to feel better, like when you eat healthy or becomes fun as you do it.
Step 1 = a chore chart...yes, I must confess I'd thought of it before (and when venting/talking/complaining/asking for advice from my mom) she suggested it. I resisted....I didn't want such a set regimine....I'm already tired and working a lot. I didn't want to fail if I didn't succeed. It got easier, really. I decided I needed one. Adam and I did it he could see what (how hard I work) I do all day and what he can do to help after work or on the weekends w/ our extra chore chart. Of course, you can't put it all on paper, but it has helped tremendously. My kids will someday have one, I grew up with one. For now my kids help w/diapers, putting their dirty clothes away, toy pick up and being them.
This is just the beginning.....did I mention I'm making time to work out a bit....a few days a week. And since I cut out dairy and wheat in Dec (the week of Christmas, not so fun).....I'm gonna work on setting up more menus that incoporate no dairy or wheat.....
I am feeling like I'll be out of this survival mode and into enjoying life. And maybe even enjoying dishes.
My fun goals: are to spend more time being intimate w/ Jesus....just taking the time to hang. For now that's during my dishes. I decided to pick my hardest task to have my music on and's getting fun, dancing w/ my dishes. AND to spend more time w/ my family/friends.....succeeded at few fun playdates....and great visit at Mary's house
Ok, time to relax and clean my kitchen, but not in that order. (I'm laughing if you can hear me).

I have more on my heart....but will share some of it soon. I should add blogging to my schedule of fun!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back, I think

So, I'm back, I want to make time to blog (and let my dishes sit in the sink). I'm not sure my New Year's resolutions are working, really, though my goal to see the outside world a bit at a time is happening. And to someday be more organized (this part still in the works for the rest of my life). Well, w/ my hubby asleep on the couch, the kids all in bed, it feels like it's time to at least say, Hello!
We had a great Christmas w/family and more family. A New Years's, well, let's just say "What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin." Nothing too exciting, but it was a fun year, w/me babysitting all my kids and more while the New Year came in (don't worry I had fun before that). I enjoyed being a Mom and bringing in the New Year w/my sleeping babes (and nephew/nieces/ and a little sis). 
I have lots of ideas....but do you ever find that in the A.M. they sound like a lot of work. Getting up at 6 am feels so much earlier than sleeping in until 6:50 am. Sitting on the ground w/ the kids feels so much better (in my sweats = a.k.a. p.j.'s) than doing something else, cuddling in the AM, instead of getting up. yum.

This is again, a quick post, becuase it is the New Year, so I"m gonna finish my dishes (at least start them) before I'll write again, but just wanted to say hello NEW Year!