Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is it really amost Christmas??!!

I don't want the New Year to get here, and not have blogged one last time....
small goals, yet, still goals.
I just realized it's almost Christmas...yes, I know, it really is ALMOST Christmas! I'm not sure what happened, but I didn't get the memo this year.
We did do all our shopping, don't get me wrong...and I've eaten my fair (or more) share of cookies for the holidays. Baked, not so much this year....(last years 50,000 sugar cookies kinda did me and my family in). Presents wrapped - nope...thinking about it as I sit here...and also doing the dishes, I know multi-tasking! I think it's more like I have ADD or something......only able to focus for small amounts of time w/out getting distracted and bored.
I know for sure the fact that my folks and 1/2 of my siblings (yes, that's 7 siblings) are in TX this year is a bit of my shell shock that Christmas has hit. The other half, thankfully are coming to my house for our own celebration of sorts. Staring new traditions, w/the hope that we will all be together next year! I must admit, it's not set in the fact that for the first time ever I won't see most of my family, and for the first time will have my own Christmas w/just my hubby and boys...weird! I think it will be good, but just a big change.
I do enjoy getting to tell my kids about St. Nick, and Jesus...and the Reason we are celebrating all this fun! Watching my boys faces each A.M., as I plug in the tree, and as I tell them (again) not to touch the tree or ornaments that they so nicely hung (all on one branch). Enjoying the idea of hosting all my hubbies family at our house....I think it will be nice. Easy now that we hosted a mere 40 people of all age groups....I think.
So as I write, I see in my words, that yes, this is a New Year for me at Christmas time!
I think I am in denial that by tomorrow I need to clean my whole house, shop, wrap gifts (didn't do it - again, tonight), and all the last min. things. Oh, and take care of my 3 boys.
As I groggily need to log off (and hope this all makes a tad bit of sense in the AM),
P. S. tried to upload a pic again....but dial up is too special!

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Mary said...

i am in denial too. i hope your Christmas is amazing! Love you!
And anytime you want to upload pictures from the wonderous land of cable internet- let me know :)