Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, folks, we've moved.
Let me just say...ADJUSTING. Not the farm girl I thought I once was. I do have a garden, but my hubby has done it all so far. I may plant some stuff this week, to finish it off before I head out to Texas for a family visit w/my 3 boys (and my sister there for support/safety in our travels).
I have dial up, slow but hey, it's a connection.
Well, back to unpacking, cleaning, and eating Chocolate to cope.
By the way, I do love using my clothesline, though my laundry is now crispy until we get our dryer hooked up (to soften them at the end of the drying process, ooooh, country life) and my other fav is my compost heap, yes heap!
Well, hope to post some fun soon.....and pics.

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