Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding cakes, bridesmaids and more...

Ok, so for those who were waiting for a cake picture of my labor of love last month.....well, I have to wait till someone posts one on facebook! Yes, I forgot to get one. I was just so happy it was done and turned out so lovely and tasty. I actually baked a thousand cakes (10ish) till some didn't turn into a moist pile of cake....and froze them (that's a cake decor trick).....delivered to my Mom's. Then on the AM of the big wedding day, I helped make frosting and stack and frost w/my Mom. I did get to leave the finishing touches to her and I was ready to after the week of baking (ok, it was only like 2 days of baking, but the rest of the week was playing catch up on my chaos from those 2 days).
So, I zipped off to get ready, giving myself and the other 13 of us an hour and a half to get lovely looking. I walked in (and was actually one of the firsts there at the site) and so got Larissa (my cousin's wife and wonderful friend to us all) to myself. She dolled up my face, and let me say, it was the boldest I've ever worn my makeup. I hope to re-create this someday for a date or something. (Adam worked all day up to the wedding ceremony).
 It has only taken me a month to recover now and finally post my blog thoughts on this wonderful cake and more amazing wedding. I was blessed to see 2 of my friends get married and love who they are.
Well, I do have more to share, and sad that's it's been way too long since my last post. Getting back on track being organized with my time and energy. Wow, a wedding and cake really took a lot of my energy.
Until I post again....

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