Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, my hands are full

A while back I posted on comments you hear as a Mom, especially when you're out and about. I have to admit, I love to go out alone....why, then people know these are my boys. Yes, I have twins, no, they are not triplets. Yes, they are close in age. Yes, I have 3 kids 3 and under....but not for long. Soon, I'll have a 4 year old and two 2 year olds. I'm sure people will still think I have triplets, but that's ok. I just love my kids, and it's fun to show off them (and all the hard work I know that goes into them). There are a few times that (when I'm in a hurry), it's hard to get stopped often, but most of the time I enjoy it. I guess I just love talking about my kids. The comments I enjoy, are when I find out others are twins or have twin children. That's fun. And one of my favorites, is when the commentor knows how blessed I am. I agree! I am!
So, even if I have to hear and reply to 1,000 "Wow, your hands are full", in my heart I know it's full of love, too!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Being thankful

If you're anything like me = a human. Then I believe being thankful is an art. One that takes work, not always is it a gift. Though at times, I've been graced w/thanfulness.....mostly I must cultivate it. I am truly grateful for my family....there are some things that don't take lots of work to be thankful and know we are blessed. I find more my struggle is the everyday stuff. Like thankful for a body that works, instead of thinking of how much I 'should' be trying to work out, etc.....I think having kids helps give a better perscpective on self image than our CA overly body aware state.
O.K. back to being thankful.
I just started thinking of things that I love. Can't help but list the beautiful trees that surround my county. I am just amazed at God's awesomeness every day I drive in this county. The colors, the light reflecting off the new changed colors, even the pink coming in my house off the Japanese Maple out my window.
How I love Fall trees, French Press Coffee, Pumpkin scones (lots of them), home made sourdough bread, boys who run, jump and play, boys who want to be hugged (when I'm busy), family who loves me, phone calls, facebook (I know, some think a copout from reality, but I find it's a connection), being healthy, a husband who loves to cuddle (and can fall asleep in less than 30 secs), boys who can't stop talking (don't know who's side they got that from), changing kitty litter (ok, that's more of an extrenal one, my boys think I love it, but really, not so much), a home to live in, a fire to start every day (and keep going), a washing machine (working on being thankful to fold it all), a Country where we are Free, and Freedom in God....well, just a thankful post because I am.
I find it gets fun to list all you're thankful for......we do it w/our kids at night and growing up we did it. Sometimes my list is all I know I should be grateful for (when I'm having a bad attitude)....and usually my heart starts to change when my focus's kind of fun to watch the morph......
Hope you're enjoying Fall (you can't tell it's one of my favorite seasons)~!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Cakes and life with Boys

My best intentions to make it to faster internest servcie, a.k.a. My hubby's office....have not been put in place. I have succeeded at actually sleeping through the night.....for those who love sleep or miss it, it's a great feat! Let's just say a week spent near my boys room, and I think we are in for a great blessing = sleep.
I get to make the cake for a baby shower tomorrow, baking hopefully it'll freeze in time to be decorated. And some how in there going to make 2 nursing covers, my specialty gift.
Fall has been beyond lovely! And our new home is set amongst so many beautiful trees. We had to have a family photo shoot, it was just too much beauty to not set in photo....(not just my cute family). Thankful for such a wonderful home and getting to stay with my boys each day and watch and teach them as they grow.
I know I've said this before, but I wish I was a twin...such a special bond.
Colby, Kyle and Ryan have been having a blast playing outside (while it's still nice enough), chasing their new barn kitties around. They are more daring than I, who's a scardy cat of cats. Our winter garden is giving us a little bit already. Thankful for all the squash we had, but am glad for a change of veggie. Let's just say I had to learn some recipes for how to use yellow squash, lots of it, every day!
We've done lots of pumpkin patches and hope to make it to Apple Hill this Fall. Missing my Tx family lots, but thankful to FB for pictures. And the joy of getting to take all 3 boys w/out all their help. (Actually, it's a blessing, I did so much w/my family for fun outings, that it's been good to have to be alone and learn how to go to the store, or many all on the same day. Sounds silly to share, but the ability to shop w/little ones is a fine art, or a fine balance!).
Well, just a lovely Fall to enjoy my boys, bake a cake, sew, and LIVE!
Lots of love and would love to hear about your Fall.