Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My monthly blogging fun...

You thought I fell of the face of blogging....no, not completely. I just have been on the computer less and less, with life, boys and dial up, it's a bit much to handle.
But I didn't forget about my monthly fun of chatting to myself (and the few of you that have fun reading my thoughts, when of course there is time....I know, not enough it seems to go around a day). Blogging is like my daily life, but instead of talking out loud it's nicely written down for me to laugh at myself, or vent a little, remember memories, I may likely forget w/my lack of memory.
Had a lovely visit from my Texas family for a week. And was blessed to get to host them all, well some of my family....just 9+ of them or so overnights. Though we did have at least 40 people under our roof a few times, and eating yummy food together. Lots of love, food and noise.....Colby's Birthday, Thanksgiving prep (though we took our gang to my aunt's for the meal part), Peyton (one of my little brothers) and his birthday bash, and just fun family time, catching up with each other. (And me learning how to host massive amounts of people - respect my Mom more, now that it was my turn).
Let's just say, now I miss my family more......(not many live close now...so sad).
The past few weeks, after our Thanksgiving slumber party week, were spent recuperating, cutting back on coffee (yes, gasp), but it was backfiring......no longer giving me the pick up I needed to accomplish all I need to do each day (that I never really get done).
Highlight for me (small to some, large to me) was getting my energy back after 3 weeks....yeah! Becoming a nicer person again....and getting our house ready for hosting Christmas gatherings. It'll be smaller numbers like 20 people this time....much easier...really. Though I will miss my TX family during this season! It will be my first Christmas separate from my parents and 1/2 my siblings....weird! But am trying to squeeze into my life a few gift making items to share some love, since we can't be together in person~!
And I am looking forward to some babies that will be here sometime in January.....one of my close (past) roomies.....a cousin's, and very good friend's and another family friend = 4! My thoughts are already there in prayer for this exciting time of birth and life!And praying for a few who want babies!
On a less overviewish sort of way......I came up with a new idea for my own tradition w/my hubby and 3 boys. I want to do a grateful tree. Each year we will write out things we are grateful for, prayers answered, miracles that have happened, etc....then roll them up, tie them w/ a ribbon and hang them on our tree. Each year we will bring out the past years and add to. I am excited to figure out how to keep the focus on Jesus, our Saviour, who became a baby.....for me....and those who choose His great gift! This was one of my simple thoughts while cleaning toilets or peeling carrots.....But my desire is to have fun w/St. Nick and enjoy the Joy of Christmas! I want my boys to know the miracle of Christmas. And it will be fun to see their thoughts on paper as they mature....and grow. A timeline of sorts, too. And like Moses in the Bible, we are supposed to talk of the things God has done w/our children (so we don't forget his Awesomeness), and even have rocks of remembrance......but for now it'll be on paper. That can be another fun summer wall building project.
I know I had one more profound thought....but it has slipped from my grasp....so maybe if it comes back...I'll note it....no, not happening....ok, fine....
Well, with thoughts for our past, futures and living in our present (sometimes chaos)..........hopefully I'm back on a few more times before our new year comes....but we'll see. Life, boys...who are toddlers.....and me figuring out the joy (and confusion at times) of raising little men!
Oh, and just so you know...though I sound peppy on here, and that's my nature to be positive...(I think).....I'm really learning and fumbling to raise 3 little men, who some days feel like triplets! And reign in my own self.....and learn to 'grow up', too! The past week was a super challenge.....the kids missing all the love and quality time they got from my family...and me learning to meet or not be able to meet all their needs! Or listen to their whines....my sweet Kyle baby has taken over Ryan's job. Ryan is now independent of me and happy about it. Colby is back and forth on being 4.
Well, off to put these earlier risers down for naps, clean my house, and get ready to celebrate Jesus...daily.

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