Monday, September 14, 2009

The boys - September update

Update on my babies, they are now toddling into toddler-hood.
Twins (1 year, 2 months -I had to use my fingers to count):
Kyle (the older by seconds)- serious - independant for the most part, when he knows I'm there.
Ryan (the younger of the family)- clingy, socialite, and recent development= doesn't like strangers. I know it doesn't make sense how he could be so social and now all of the sudden such a mommy's boy.
Kyle/Ryan- obsessed with throwing away their diapers in the trash can for me and so proud as they do it (I only give them the damp ones, not the stinky ones, and sometimes they try to grab a clean one to toss, gonna have to watch what goes in the trash now. Once my sister {Laura} threw out my Dad's paycheck).
Kyle and Ryan don't share a crib, but do share a room. They shared a crib till about (trying to remember) 6 monthes or so.....but they only play together in them now.
They are using bowls and spoons, with cute (and messy).
Eating: kyle loves fruit and not too fond of cheese, Ryan loves most things
self feeding, pretty much every thing, so you can imagine the clean up
When I call the 'babies' this means run and laugh and hide, till I have to get up and find you....
Kyle = silk blankies, all of the sudden they're his favorite and won't get out of bed without, and I have to pry out of his hands at breakfast, but luckily forgets about until nap time.
Cuddles = all 3 at once jumping in/on my much love.
I recently got them a leash...for the twins, but it's a process to train them to both walk the same way, next to me....a lot of teaching going on, with a back up of security for me, if we are in the street. I think we'll try it when they are a bit older, as they fall a lot and it's hard to make it 10 feet as a group.

Baby wearing = so this is a new term to me as of the twins. I used a sleepwrap for them as new borns, they both fit in this big piece of material. Then I proceeded to use the wrap for the front for one, and the Ergo as a back carrier for the other twin. Now I tried a sling and the Ergo, but find you can't do I'm looking into buying another one called a Mei Tei or that I can tie that on the front with the Ergo on back....I really must take more pictures. I've had so many questions for other moms of twins, one being on how to 'wear' your babies. Wish I could have run into more twin moms sooner, but when you're so busy you don't have time to come up for air. Now, I have time, but don't know many moms of twins around my boys age or just beyond. I love having my 'babies' close to me. I realize they aren't babies much anymore, but they are the youngest of my kids, so they remain babies to me.
The favorite new thing is to all pile in my lap to read stories....usually it's the twins, Kyle and Ryan = my lap w/Cobly to the side of me. They love to read as much a I do!
They also love to all be in one crib, including Colby, at once. So this is my new routine, since I don't usually plan my shower till the end of the day....before Adam gets home. I put them all in the Twins room....and then either all in one crib (I'm afraid of it breaking w/3) or 2 in one and 1 in the other crib. Sometimes when we are in their room, they just beg to go in their cribs together.....funny, and a good way to vacuum when they are in there.
Colby will belt out in singing, jumping, running in any order at any time. He likes to serenade us all day, it's either reading or singing. And now I think with enough coaxing, he's beginning to beg to play outside more....yeah for activity. He always is asking us "you" want this...that...which means "I" want.....the cookie, etc....I've been working with him, and he's beginning to understand. It's always weird when he says "he" wants it....etc....but someday we'll get it.
Um, don't get me started on strollers for 3 kids, I've been searching, found the one I like, but will have to wait till I find a second job (and being that I have 3 kids, that won't be anytime soon).
Well, my jumbled thoughts should end I need to pick up so we can begin fresh fun tomorrow. I get my hair cut/styled for the first time in months.....and I always love the time and miss my kids more, too.
Good Night!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday mornings with out Adam

Days that start with Adam heading off to work, mean I usually treat the day about the same, but still had to do some Sunday morning baking, even if it means I'll be eating the hot cinnamon rolls alone.
Adam left early and I was in bed cuddling my early riser, Colby. Then, of course, he's hungry, early! So, we got up and made some yummy oatmeal pancakes with coconut milk. We had a our bonding time, and his breakfast. Colby ate quite a few and went back for more. I decided since my kitchen was now a mess (well, dinner didn't get clean since I hadn't seen Adam all day), to bake some cinnamon rolls my sister Michele suggested.
I enjoyed my cool morning, with yummy smells (still waiting on the last rising of my rolls, before baking them), and now my twins, Kyle and Ryan, are finally up. Sleepyheads, love it!
I think we'll go for a cool walk today, then they'll want to play outside before my twins go down for a nap. Later we'll head to town so I can finish buying my fabrics for a project I'm beginning tomorrow night with our girls sewing class. I've got spaghetti on the menu for dinner, easy and good.
Well, now my baby boys (1 year now and 1 1/2 months) are done and it's time to get some walking shoes on. I may try out my new leash system for our walk, instead of the stroller.
Enjoying this day that the Lord has made.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The days of September

So, since summer is coming to a close, I took the kids 'camping'. I did it without Adam, since anything other than home with the kids can make him feel overwhelmed. I joined my parents at our family friends' cabin, The Millers. It was wonderful. Just being out in nature, no cells, no internet, just family and the stars above you. Ok, so when I say camping....I mean we were in the cabin, but the boys all did get really dirty outside. I wasn't sure if I was crazy for trying this alone, and almost gave up a few times just in the packing phase. But upon arrival I was so glad I did it. My family helped me with the kids, but I still had to break out the large fenced area for play time. We sat overlooking the river....and a deck with no it was man on man (no zone here) or the 'cage'. It takes almost as long to do all the things I do, even with help, and even camping. But once the kids were in bed, and asleep, I got to join the fun! Drinks and campfire and catching up. Wonderful old memories and new ones, now, too. I think for me it means even more, since the past year I've given up doing a lot of things, because it's just not feasible or would be really crazy. So my heart is grateful to have gone for a day (and night). I loved that in the morning....the coffee grinder and Jim were up and louder than Colby. (Colby and Jim both wake at 6 am). So I joined them for coffee (Colby drank water) and we waited as we woke up the rest of our gang. The rest of the morning, while the twins slept, I took Colby hiking, crossed the river to a swim beach and then swam back across with him on my back, wow, didn't know I could do that still.
Packing, unpacking, re-packing....I do tire from it, but it's the only way to get out and take my kids to make memories outside our home. I realize they are a bit young for remembering besides all the pictures I take, but I look at them as practice runs and sanity for me.
Now, I am ready for a family 'camping' trip back to the cabin.