Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have decided.....

I have decided that I'd like out of survival mode. Round and round I go....and where I'm going, no one knows. {hmmm, maybe i've read too many nursery rhymes. By the way some of those are a bit intense and I don't think they are really for little children}.
Back to my thoughts and goals. I'm tired, but I need to summon the energy to push a bit more and jump this hurdle. If you've every gone rock climbing ( I did when I was in shape, a.k.a. before babies) and you have to give it a few very last pushes/lunches/reaches up....even when you have NO strength left....let me just say the noises/groans are not so lady like, but it's the very deepest of the energy you can muster. (ok, so maybe I wasn't in that great of shape..hmmm...).
I want out of survival mode with my 3 much as is reasonable. It's not fun at first, but it's already starting to feel better, like when you eat healthy or becomes fun as you do it.
Step 1 = a chore chart...yes, I must confess I'd thought of it before (and when venting/talking/complaining/asking for advice from my mom) she suggested it. I resisted....I didn't want such a set regimine....I'm already tired and working a lot. I didn't want to fail if I didn't succeed. It got easier, really. I decided I needed one. Adam and I did it he could see what (how hard I work) I do all day and what he can do to help after work or on the weekends w/ our extra chore chart. Of course, you can't put it all on paper, but it has helped tremendously. My kids will someday have one, I grew up with one. For now my kids help w/diapers, putting their dirty clothes away, toy pick up and being them.
This is just the beginning.....did I mention I'm making time to work out a bit....a few days a week. And since I cut out dairy and wheat in Dec (the week of Christmas, not so fun).....I'm gonna work on setting up more menus that incoporate no dairy or wheat.....
I am feeling like I'll be out of this survival mode and into enjoying life. And maybe even enjoying dishes.
My fun goals: are to spend more time being intimate w/ Jesus....just taking the time to hang. For now that's during my dishes. I decided to pick my hardest task to have my music on and's getting fun, dancing w/ my dishes. AND to spend more time w/ my family/friends.....succeeded at few fun playdates....and great visit at Mary's house
Ok, time to relax and clean my kitchen, but not in that order. (I'm laughing if you can hear me).

I have more on my heart....but will share some of it soon. I should add blogging to my schedule of fun!!!!

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