Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do not lose heart....

when doing good. I think I'm paraphrasing a Bible verse.....Do not lose heart...when doing good.
I've learned a lot (still am) from moving with 3 toddlers, a good amount of love and help, and the adjustments of expectations of living in the 'country'.
I'll start off with saying, as much as I grew up in a well run home, and I understand how it should run, I sometimes have a hard time self disiplining myself.......I judge myself, but can't fully change to meet my own expectations. I'm hoping to learn to love myself more....and still hope to change for the better.
So....again...moving with 3 little kids was a lot. A new house, a new layout, new rules, trying to unpack (I still haven't full unpacked my clothes or my office).....and jus the everyday things of life, laundry, cooking and basic cleaning. I was feeling quite overwhelemed due to the fact that I"m really not that organized, somewhat of a pack rat, and very social in personality, living in the country......with the responsiblities of catching lizards and such things in my own home.
I think I felt sunk for about 3 weeks. My major turning point to coming up for air was my Dad praying for me....I called to say Happy Father's Day.....and I got a prayer that changed the direction I had been going emotionally. A burden was lifted w/that prayer....and my heart ready to keep trying.
I got to go on vacation to see my family for almost 2 weeks. (They recently moved, so it was pretty fun). A real vacation of family, fun and lots of help.
Upon getting home, I realized I did love vacation life, but am now adjusting to being home, my outlook and heart much lighter.
I am enjoying less lizards in the house now, a dryer that works, though I still use my clothes line, too. A garden that is only 1/2 eaten by deer. The boys have and are learning our new rules and their new set ups.
And now we are potty training....I say we, yes, I know how to do it myself....but I'm learning to train 3 individual little men. Small success are happening, and i'm learning it's not always about how good I do, but who they are and how well they will do in the time they need.
Just wanted to stay in touch. Would love to know what you all are up to.....


Ashley Hopper said...

Prayer can really change so much. Loved seeing you and love reading your blog!

sothisislife said...

Thanks, Ashely. I really loved seeing you and agree with you, Prayer and our God is amazing. I hope to get on here more and blog and stay connected. So glad you were with us to celebrate your sis, too, I know she enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you soon!