Sunday, May 9, 2010

Enjoying this Mother's Day

For some of us, we begin to value our Mom's even more once we've struggled along the path of Motherhood. We begin to be thankful for them, they were the ones who fed us and gave up sleep for us, now we know, as we begin to do the same self sacrificing for our small children.
Of course, not every Mother's Day is really about us, I'm beginning to see and learn.
My first, was spent w/my Mom, while my hubby was away on business. Of course, though only pregnant it still felt so sad to me.
My second was spent in a Starbucks w/my one year old and sister-in-law (She's so fun!)....waiting for my hubby to finish golf for a bachelor party.....yeah, I didn't know how to voice what I wanted, or sorta of just expected my thoughts would become reality. Sometimes at the phase I didn't even know what I wanted until they didn't happen, and I realized I would have to learn to share what i wanted and then just let go of some things not happening they way I'd hoped. Gifts are don't pick them (though I have dropped very strong hints. Ex: Valentine's Day - "Honey, I'd like a box of chocolates from Dorado's." = the best chocolate in the world and it's local).
My third, my hubby went golfing w/his Mom. I was devastated...that he forgot me (and all the hard work of motherhood).
My 4th- this year....I'm learning to let go....and my hubby is learning to make it special. We have talked out our past expectations and disappointments....and are learnign to be a couple and parents. It's so complicated, but feels so good when we learn together.
This year - my 4th - I got to sleep in (though you can't help hearing your kids from 6-8 am talking, crying and playing). They still want you, even if Dad is meeting all their needs (and they usuually want him, till they can't have you). But so grateful to my hubby for putting me first and loving me. (Don't worry, we did spend some quality time w/Grandma Wendy. My Mom and I had a good phone chat). I am currently smelling a very yummy chocolate flourless torte cooking and waiting to cover it in an espresso ganache topping....and eat it! Yummy chocolate torte is almost done.....I did double it since we are sharing it today w/some close family friends (she's been like a 2nd Mom to me) and my sister and her family. Thankful for the love and family and close friendships that really feel like family.
Adam is fixing our hot water was leaking, so not sure I'll get to get 'dolled' up as much, and oh, bummer, I can't do my dishes till it's fixed. Ok, I'm ok with that, they'll be there on a non-Mother's Day...tomorrow.
I have ideas for next year, maybe a brunch w/my Mom -in-law....and maybe my hubby will golf the day before Mom's Day...and then family time on actual Mom's day. It's such a balance, honoring your Mom and Mom-in-law, and learning to take time for yourself and create that special day w/your family. And it's about teaching your kids to love and give on these special days....for them it's just fun to make you a card and scribble  color.
Thankful for my kids, who have made me a Mom and my hubby for his help in it all.
Well, I get to enjoy my boys when they all wake up from their naps, and enjoy being w/them.
I hope you all have a blessed Mom's day, whether celebrating your Mom, being celebrated, or just taking some time out to be thankful for our Mom's impacts on our lives.

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