Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everything changes once you have twins (and more)....

Below is an interesting multiples blog I read and a item I would never have dreamed of using....my thoughts follow below.....

                                                How do you feel about child harnesses?

The child harness... (or "leash" as some call it,) is a hotly debated topic among moms. As parents of multiples, our safety concerns just might make them a little more acceptable. What do you think?

This week's Question of the Week is:
How do you feel about child harnesses?
  • Do you use them? Why or why not?
  • How do your kids react to them?
  • Do you think they are an example of laziness, or simply concern over your child's safety?
  • If you are against them, do you think it's more acceptable for a parent of multiples to use them?
  • Do you think negatively of other parents that use them?

This is a touchy subject I've found personally {I'll tell more in a bit}. Once I was in the place of being a Mom of a 20 month old and twin baby boys....well, I began to think of the things that could make my life and my children's lives better. 
I started to realize as my children made it from crawling to walking (@ 10 & 11 months) and I had their older brother who was 30 months (whatever that is in years, I'm not good at math). I began to see I still had a lot of teaching, guiding and training to do. I wasn't able to go on walks alone, unless I had a stroller and/or back back for my little ones. I began to think of the future, what it would hold for me. I am an active, social person, though having 3 kids has changed that a lot. So, I began to look online and found a double harness/leash that would work for my 2 boys (it does have the option to buy more, but I was hoping my oldest son would listen to me). The first time we tried it out (all camo....to hide dirt, but you can get them in different colors and patterns) we made it from our front door to the lawn. Yes, I know....not very far, but I quickly realized this tool I had would need to be partnered w/training. It was not  as easy as a stroller where they are safely contained (and enjoying the ride). I realized that this tool would help me be more independent and mobile with my boys, but first I would have to make sure they were a bit more sure on their feet and teach them how we go for a walk. {By the way, even w/ a leash, if we are in the street I make them hold my hands, and yes, I have figured out how to walk w/ 3 toddlers holding my hands, the leash is just a back up for one who forgets to hold on, or lets go = SAFETY}. So with all the different opinions, I found once a Mom of 3 boys all mobile, that I wanted them all to live!
To answer the questions of this wonderful site..... above,
I may have thought they were lazy or the parent didn't have  the proper control over their child (I have learned a lot having 3 boys...and my views have changed). Yes, I may have even viewed them as cruel, even the ones that have the cute back pack stuffed animal w/a leash on it.
My kids did well w/them, they never fought them, and now are use to them. I've used them to walk to our mail box, go to the library and hopefully more places in the future. I would suggest practicing w/them in the house or in a fenced yard first to get the child used to them and obeying your voice, so that your outings are more enjoyable and your child knows what the harness is there for.
I think they are a great tool, and am thankful for them. When I see multiples wearing them, I just smile to myself, knowing. Yes, what a great tool!
Side note.....I do have family memebers that think they are cruel, that I'm hurting my child, and they don't 'believe' in them. But I think that once you've had either a very active child and/or multiples, your concern for their saftey is at the top of your list....and so we use the doube harness. {Our 3 year old listens well, and mostly holds our hands....of course, there are those times, I think I should have one more harness = SAFETY}. I don't have any pictures since I usually use it when my husband is at work. But I'll try to get one to show later.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts running through my head

Colby yelling to hear his echo in the toilet, nice {yes, he had just flushed it}

kids putting their fav blanket on my bed...to help..nice

Runny noses, sick kids, getting better, thankful, sunny out, but is it warm enough for my kids?

7-7 on my own....you? Spring and Summer = Mommy! Good and bad. I'm the firm one, so it's good, but I love quality time w/my hubby, so it's sad for me.

cooking raw? I think about it...but so far my food is mix of no wheat *often gluten free, no dairy (except for Adam and the twins), healthy foods, not much processed, trying to get away from any boxed stuff (except for Adam's snack foods he loves, taquitos, etc...and only he eats), lots of beans and rice [from scratch], trying to add in more veggies for us all, and raw - well maybe one day...i Like the idea for myself, but w/so much more going on, it's figuring out what works for my life where it is now, you?
juicing? It's fun, but I only break out my really wonderful juicer once a month or so (it's my lunch on some days and I experiment to see what my kids will like/try).

working out - it's an idea again, sometimes it's a reality. I've done it enough over the past 6 months that I know when I do, I feel so good. I want to have energy to keep up w/my boys.

yummy food - why I spend time cooking =  I love to eat good food!

siblings - I love my 13+ siblings....near and far, and did I mention my folks and the youngest 5 are moving = SAD {for me and my family}

babies = I love them....(just so you know...I've grown into this...and still am working on being better w/them). I have so many thoughts on this subject.....I'd have to say it's God given since I'm not the kinda of gal who ups and holds every baby she sees, but the LOVE I have is there!

Kids w/food allergies = adventure  and lots of new cooking recipes = good and bad.

Listening to the neighbor mow her lawn, soon I won't have neighbors that close (moving in a few months = still local).

Gardening - I get to plant a garden and then learn to dry/can/freeze and give away all the yummy goodness that comes from it. {Disclaimer - Adam is helping me otherwise it'd all be just one big project that I kill, not so good w/animals or plants. And my friend, Chesy is gonna be my side kick in this new adventure}

Eyebrows - I"m addicted to getting them done at a salon, and they are long over due, but w/my new bangs, you can't tell, I actually forgot about them.....but they are starting to get my attention. Lebanese may not have hairy legs/arms (the girls), but for some reason we are blessed w/ very full eyebrows (uni-brow).

I've gotten away from my new structure of chores and then fun.....so now I am gonna be really focused...and clean during my boys every shortening nap time.
Dishes....and beyond....!
P.S. Favorite cookbooks?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding cakes, bridesmaids and more...

Ok, so for those who were waiting for a cake picture of my labor of love last month.....well, I have to wait till someone posts one on facebook! Yes, I forgot to get one. I was just so happy it was done and turned out so lovely and tasty. I actually baked a thousand cakes (10ish) till some didn't turn into a moist pile of cake....and froze them (that's a cake decor trick).....delivered to my Mom's. Then on the AM of the big wedding day, I helped make frosting and stack and frost w/my Mom. I did get to leave the finishing touches to her and I was ready to after the week of baking (ok, it was only like 2 days of baking, but the rest of the week was playing catch up on my chaos from those 2 days).
So, I zipped off to get ready, giving myself and the other 13 of us an hour and a half to get lovely looking. I walked in (and was actually one of the firsts there at the site) and so got Larissa (my cousin's wife and wonderful friend to us all) to myself. She dolled up my face, and let me say, it was the boldest I've ever worn my makeup. I hope to re-create this someday for a date or something. (Adam worked all day up to the wedding ceremony).
 It has only taken me a month to recover now and finally post my blog thoughts on this wonderful cake and more amazing wedding. I was blessed to see 2 of my friends get married and love who they are.
Well, I do have more to share, and sad that's it's been way too long since my last post. Getting back on track being organized with my time and energy. Wow, a wedding and cake really took a lot of my energy.
Until I post again....