Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey, I hear comments all the time about how my hands are full. But - I know that should be enough, but wondered if anyone read my blog...and it's ok to comment on here.
Or does the feature of comments not work, let me know and I'll figure that out.
Ok, back to finding flank steak recipes......yummy.


Serena said...

Becky, I'm sorry. I always MEAN to comment, and then I save it for later and overthink it and then go, "Please, why would she want to read an inane comment from me?" and so then I don't. This comment is what happens when I just go for it and don't think about it, so, sorry. Love ya!

Kristen said...

I read too. I always enjoy hearing about your crazy life:) Yet so well organized, I wish I was. I get comments all the time about having my hand full, and I just smile and say yup.

Momma Bug said...


I met you at Hannah and Charlie's back in the days when you were a new momma of 1.
I'm Charlie's sis Analene.

I do enjoy peeing into your life when you post ;-D and keeping track of what all my shirt-tail relatives are up to!

Precious family of fella's you have there.
Press on my friend!


sothisislife said...

So fun to see friends on here....thanks for the fun comments. Serena....I do the same on yours,'s good, but trying to squeeze in reading blogs between laundry and kids. Kristen, I'm sure you get the same comments, too. I did get a really cool one, not that it defines how much I love my kids, but this gal I walked by said "Do you know how LUCKY you are...." YES! WE ended up knowing each other through others....but so refreshing to hear someone who is blessed to see little munchkins in a big group (of 3) and enjoy it.
Analene, fun to 'see' you again.
Back to my munchkins....

Faith Alterton said...

Hi Becky, I check in at your blog! Love getting to see picture of your boys and hearing how things are on your end. Wish it was in person, but this is a good second!