Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How can you put the life into words

But....it helps to get to. So thankful for blogs....which for me can be like a journal of life.
{I am currently on hold....and using the time to blog, oh, wait they cut me off, I get to call back}

Well, I'm hearing my kids playing in their room, trying to get some important 'paper work' done.

We have our house on the market, and got a quick offer....but still showing it here and there, so that means I need to stay on top of my house (and chore chart).
I like to add craziness (but really it's just real life and me in training)....we are potty training (we = me mostly) Colby, with some interest from my twins, Kyle and Ryan. Mostly Ry-ry likes to sit.....and just hold it for 1/2 a day, but hey that's progress....really! This means lots and lots of stories, so thankful for library books!!!! {variety for me to read at least}

I must interject some fun kids stories....I just heard Kyle cry....and then Ryan ask "ok?"......so sweet! All if fine....really. Earlier this AM, Kyle sat in Colby's spot at our dining room table and was giving his stuffed doggy a drink from his sippee....so cute. I love that they are loving...for the most part.

So, house on the market, keeping my house clean, Ryan not feeling too hot....Roseola.....not so fun, but not too serious....just cooped up till this weekend, when we are no longer contagious. And I can make a gluten free/dairy free pizza for a party we are going to. I know, you're jealous and wish you could have some, too.

Let me add to my list of fun, planning a shopping trip. Still doing the math on what I need to make a carrot cake for 80 ppl and a choc for the rest.....wedding cakes! Yes, I do one a year...AND I'm in the wedding. Thankfully, my Mom, is going to build, decorate and deliver the cake, I just get to shop for it and bake it. She is even whipping up the gallons of frosting, too. So I get to alter my dress, simple ( I hope)......and this girl needs nylons....I used to scoff at them, but these legs in my cute spring dress will be a bit warmer (and not so white).

Adam, my busy hubby, is working through the weekend, too, so it's all alone that I attempt this and not sure how I am squeezing my shopping in to this, late at night, I'm sure. {When you're wonderful hold music stops, and it's scary to wait and see if they'll come back with this great music to let you know if you'll be cut off again for the 3rd or 4th time after waiting for 15 mins each time, am I complaining, no. Just makes your heart stop for a min.}

It's good to hear the laughter from the other room, and know all is well.

I'll hopefully let you know if I really get time to make my own laundry detergent this week, or my other small projects that I'm attempting in the effort to spend more wisely.

Back to waiting .....to see if they dropped me again.....oooh, yeah the 'bad' music is on again.....

It sounds like I'm dumping my to-do list here...oops. Just so many things I'd like to do, but have to just try each day to do what I can.


Mary said...

when i was pregnant with Henry i think an entire 3 months of posting were simply my never ending list of things i needed to get done!
bet if i looked at it now i'd still see things that needed to be crossed off!
love ya!

Faith Alterton said...

I didn't know you did wedding cakes! Will you post pictures of the cake and you in your dress? :)

sothisislife said...

That's a fun idea....I'll do that. Yes, I used to make wedding cakes professionally.