Friday, August 27, 2010

Speaking our language

Thankful that God speaks our language, or at least that He can get through to us after a lot of work on our (I say our, since I'm slow in getting things) part (ok, at times, I"m not always stubborn, really).
I think Motherhood, or any relationship, grows you from the inside out. We are still in the fun phase of potty training. We've got 2 out of 3 pretty much trained. But in my expectations, I get frustrated and am learning to stay consistent, but let go. I keep finding I do too much for my kids, I need to stand back and let them make mistakes, it's sooooo hard. (Especially, when I get to clean it up......).
IN the really tough phase (I admit, I've cried over this process, twice in two days and even made a call to my Mommy).....but in it I'm learning to love, beyond my own end goal! I'm always learning what language my kids speak, and at times how to get through to them. Man, that's a hard one. But I thankfully am getting to let go of my own stuff in this process. I don't know how to fully put it in to words, it's be tough. But I hope I'm getting it, too.
Let's just say I think God has more grace than I do at times. That my perfectionist self, needs to get over it's self, and I'm growing up along w/my 3 wonderful boys (sometimes 4 on certain days, ha, ha).
Well...the blogs are few between, but I felt I could take the time since my hubby is home for a day off, yes, you heard it, he's actually taking a few days off (and taking me to S.F.!). Yeah!
Have a great end of summer..... and I hope to get on more often....w/my wonderful dial up!

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Mary said...

potty training Mason has become the biggest chore ever! And i think it is the hardest parenting thing so far. I wish for more success for you. Have so much fun in S.F., i hope to have a new baby for you to great when you get home..... we shall see.