Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthdays and Perspective

Well, another Birthday passed. Ok, I'm making it sound like I don't care. Really, I LOVE birthdays.....they are fun, you celebrate life, gift giving (one of my love languages), words of affirmation (another love language), coffee of course and good laughs. But one of the best gifts and greatest things I learned this birthday, besides feeling a bit more wise and just plain grateful, was.....perspective and a THANKFUL heart. (Need to check my boys helping me put away clean laundry....it's getting put in the bathroom, I'm scared....brb.)
Ok, I'm back. And folded 2 loads of laundry, initiated by my boys wanting to help. Thanks, Boys!
I put my heart in an expectant position for the day (my birthday last week).....no matter what joy I was experiencing....coffee out w/girl friends at the park and lots of chatting or cleaning up a potty tip over....I found I had joy. I realized that instead of a large overwhelming must-do-to-do-don't really-do list......I set stuff aside, did some chores (a Mom has to you know.....or it just get crazier). My outlook and heart were set to be grateful....so when the usual hard stuff comes....5 pm low blood sugar potty's spilling all over....clean up emergency...well, I just said, " This is my birthday, not gonna let this ruin it". Amazingly, I had energy still, didn't feel so tired (as is proned to this phase of the day) and kept looking forward to the rest of the day (what was left). I began to think that I need to have this outlook and heart position each day! I had energy, I was super happy, I was expectant of good, I took the things that are hard for me and just kept going, it was a good day. That same life lesson, or should we say personal revelation....has been something I've been pondering and thinking on in my heart this past week or so. I wanted to share it so it will solidify, and hopefully keep growing in my heart and attitude.
I often feel tired throughout my day, overwhelmed, and just lethargic. I don't like feeling like this. My birthday was a revelation to my heart and mind, to change how I view things and handle life as it comes. Potty chairs and all!
How do you cultivate a thankful heart....I make my kids smile at me if they are pouting....it changes their heart and attitude. I don't think we are that much more complicated than kids, are we? Just more stubborn sometimes. I start thanking God for things, good things, great things, hard things, even bad things (mostly I've seen Him use them for good for me because He loves me), and like David in the Psalms, I command my soul to praise Him! It works wonders on a bad attitude or a dejected heart. When I'm truly going through something hard, I do the same, and often I dance and worship, something about moving around making myself and my body worship, changes my heart and my outlook and sometimes I even feel my situations shift. Practical application: Dinner time, crazy time for us all, I make dinner, taking breaks w/the worship music to dance.....and lift up praise = a better Mom = a better home and kids! Of course, I forget this great tool and position of heart, and those days/evenings are harder....but I'm sharing so I can keep it in the forefront of my heart/mind.
So grateful for a new perspective, what a great gift on a birthday.
To add to what I'm sharing....I recently read a post by a friend on FB telling us to get over our weather hating selves.....she said it comically but truthfully....if it's hot, quit complaining, go swim, drink ice tea, have fun! If it's cold, get cozy and put on a scarf, something hot and yummy to drink! (I have changed it a bit to my own but the heart of her comment was good). It's weather she said and it's always changes, so get over it! Loved it! We are so fickle and quick to complain.....hey, we are lucky to have A/c or swamp coolers in the summer, others don't have (my Mom always reminded us of the fact that we always have/had a lot) and we have heaters/woodstoves/blankets/family to cuddle with....and there are those who don't! Ooops, not trying to sound like my Mom, but I guess as I'm raising my boys, my heart is surfacing and I'm dealing w/all that is in it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
To end on a lighter note....we are taking one of these last hot days....(a sudden heat wave of sorts, meaning hot for this cold summer) and going swimming w/Grandma!
Thanks for listening...and I would love to hear how you get perspective on life!
P.S. I'm experimenting w/a picture up loading option, so maybe pictures will appear in the near future...we'll see. As you can see above....I found a way.....the twins at the 2nd birthday party w/cousins eating popsicles! Pretty EXCITING.

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Charis said...

so glad you had a good birthday! it is true that our perspective is so important!