Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back, I think

So, I'm back, I want to make time to blog (and let my dishes sit in the sink). I'm not sure my New Year's resolutions are working, really, though my goal to see the outside world a bit at a time is happening. And to someday be more organized (this part still in the works for the rest of my life). Well, w/ my hubby asleep on the couch, the kids all in bed, it feels like it's time to at least say, Hello!
We had a great Christmas w/family and more family. A New Years's, well, let's just say "What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin." Nothing too exciting, but it was a fun year, w/me babysitting all my kids and more while the New Year came in (don't worry I had fun before that). I enjoyed being a Mom and bringing in the New Year w/my sleeping babes (and nephew/nieces/ and a little sis). 
I have lots of ideas....but do you ever find that in the A.M. they sound like a lot of work. Getting up at 6 am feels so much earlier than sleeping in until 6:50 am. Sitting on the ground w/ the kids feels so much better (in my sweats = a.k.a. p.j.'s) than doing something else, cuddling in the AM, instead of getting up. yum.

This is again, a quick post, becuase it is the New Year, so I"m gonna finish my dishes (at least start them) before bed....so I'll write again, but just wanted to say hello NEW Year!

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