Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

My twins last summer.....too cute, had to repost this one!
I think I have mini (suppressed) heartaches every time my boys get a bit crazier. They wrestle, they have playful rough housing....they do belly slams and chest slams.....and they love it. It's scary and fun to watch all at the same time. Do all boys do this? My oldest was so mild mannered, but he's beginning to learn to get in on the fun, dog piling each other, sitting on heads (I try to make this off limits), and they all have so much fun together. Weirdly enough they rarely get hurt?? Wow, so far.....
Adam is off fishing, and I just realized he's gone for another day, we really need to merge our calendars....the effects of getting married late in life, I think.
I had a great time w/ my Mom and lots of brothers and grandparents and cousins. We had a 2 day slumber party...and now I'm home recupperating. Thinking popcorn and a movie, got my buckwheat and coconut milk soaking for tomorrow's pancakes....(learning to soak, next step to sprout grains and flours).....and yummy (if I have the energy) gluten free cinnamon rolls and of course Coffee!
Well, just wanted to say hello and nite to all my Texas family!

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