Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts running through my head

Colby yelling to hear his echo in the toilet, nice {yes, he had just flushed it}

kids putting their fav blanket on my help..nice

Runny noses, sick kids, getting better, thankful, sunny out, but is it warm enough for my kids?

7-7 on my Spring and Summer = Mommy! Good and bad. I'm the firm one, so it's good, but I love quality time w/my hubby, so it's sad for me.

cooking raw? I think about it...but so far my food is mix of no wheat *often gluten free, no dairy (except for Adam and the twins), healthy foods, not much processed, trying to get away from any boxed stuff (except for Adam's snack foods he loves, taquitos, etc...and only he eats), lots of beans and rice [from scratch], trying to add in more veggies for us all, and raw - well maybe one day...i Like the idea for myself, but w/so much more going on, it's figuring out what works for my life where it is now, you?
juicing? It's fun, but I only break out my really wonderful juicer once a month or so (it's my lunch on some days and I experiment to see what my kids will like/try).

working out - it's an idea again, sometimes it's a reality. I've done it enough over the past 6 months that I know when I do, I feel so good. I want to have energy to keep up w/my boys.

yummy food - why I spend time cooking =  I love to eat good food!

siblings - I love my 13+ siblings....near and far, and did I mention my folks and the youngest 5 are moving = SAD {for me and my family}

babies = I love them....(just so you know...I've grown into this...and still am working on being better w/them). I have so many thoughts on this subject.....I'd have to say it's God given since I'm not the kinda of gal who ups and holds every baby she sees, but the LOVE I have is there!

Kids w/food allergies = adventure  and lots of new cooking recipes = good and bad.

Listening to the neighbor mow her lawn, soon I won't have neighbors that close (moving in a few months = still local).

Gardening - I get to plant a garden and then learn to dry/can/freeze and give away all the yummy goodness that comes from it. {Disclaimer - Adam is helping me otherwise it'd all be just one big project that I kill, not so good w/animals or plants. And my friend, Chesy is gonna be my side kick in this new adventure}

Eyebrows - I"m addicted to getting them done at a salon, and they are long over due, but w/my new bangs, you can't tell, I actually forgot about them.....but they are starting to get my attention. Lebanese may not have hairy legs/arms (the girls), but for some reason we are blessed w/ very full eyebrows (uni-brow).

I've gotten away from my new structure of chores and then now I am gonna be really focused...and clean during my boys every shortening nap time.
Dishes....and beyond....!
P.S. Favorite cookbooks?

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Natalie said...

I've gotten out of my cleaning routine too lately...must be the weather :)
Favorite cookbooks: Old School Betty Crocker, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, and all of Rachael Rays.