Thursday, September 4, 2008

a smaller blog on the twins birth...

For those who don't have the time, nor stomach, for the longer is a bit more..on our twin boys.
Kyle and Ryan born on June 25, 2008
Kyle was 6.13 and 19 1/2 in
Ryan was 6.11 and 18 3/4 in.
Kyle was born first...(both emergency c-section in 20 mins flat) and Ryan followed loudly.
Kyle recovered quickly from the stress and lack of oxygen, hemoglobins, etc.....
They are fraternal twins, though I have days I can't tell who is who...we luckily have a mole on one (so we don't mix them up permanently).
They are doing great...and gaining weight.
Again...once I have time to figure out pics..I'll add...