About Me

Hi, I'm glad you stopped in. I am learning all this fun bloggying stuff. Trying to learn and re-organize as I go. (But for the most part I'm more creative than organized).
Blogging is my way of letting my thoughts out on a paper  web page. When I had my twins in 2008, I realized a year later, that I didn't remember much of it. I didn't want to have that happen anymore, so I've slowly begun to blog and learn about all the fun things of layouts, lables, and more.
I am a stay at home Mom, love Jesus, have 3 boys, and on some days 4 (my husband). I grew up as the oldest in a family of 13 (thats just us kids). I actually didn't like it much at first, and finally around 12, I realized that they weren't gonna go away, and I've grown to be so thankful. Now I wouldn't know what to do without my loving family. Grew up in the country home-schooled and raising animals, moved to an island and attened public high school and now am back in a small country town, but enjoy visiting the city and putting on my best pair of jeans. I have a sister who (for now) is deaf, so our whole family knows sign language. I've managed a bakery, decorated cakes, waitressed, worked as a receptionist, delivery driver, taught Enlish in Japan, just to name a few of my jobs. I was able to travel internationally as a  young person (I still feel very young, but am trying to grow up - just a bit).  I married later (well, to me it was way later than I ever dreamed as a kid)....in my late, late 20's. Had my kids in my 30's (sounds far apart, but really, we had kids right after were got married).....I have one very sweet oldest son and 2 identical twin sons that are 20 months apart (and am praying for more babies, girls....I'd take twins again, too). We live in a small mountain community, are learning to garden (my husband already knows all this being that he's a landscaper), starting to pre-home school, go to church once in a while, Love God everyday, love my coffee, time w/my girl friends, thankful for my hardworking husband, have had many jobs, but my favorite (and hardest) is being a Mom and Wife. I am learning to cook wheat/dairy free for my oldest son and I, love cooking healthy and love to eat, I cherish family, someday hope to have the time to get back into photography (and save for a good camera), eat eggs every morning, will soon have my own chickens (in 2011). I grew up in a nicely structured home, and am now learning to be organized w/ my family so we can prosper and not live too 'creatively'.....(I can drive myself crazy w/my lack of go-to in the house cleaning areas and stopping/starting projects). I don't love to label myself too 'home makerish', but really I'm learning to just try to benefit my family...and sometimes that means making my own laundry soap, cheaper and healthier....so that's just a rough draft of my About Me. If you'd love to chat you can email me at: rebecca_jane_1 (at)hotmail(dot)com
Live, Laugh & Love!