Friday, December 31, 2010

Enjoying the last day of 2010

A friend commented (on fb, my only social source, for me the real world, ok, well sorta true) and said she was enjoying and reflecting on this past year and all that had happened. I like what she said and it's stuck with me. Today, I am purposing to reflect on all that this past year was and all that God did.
I'm not sure how much will get onto my blog as I only go online once a day or so. But I want to be thankful. I remember in past years, I always felt I hadn't lived up to something, or wasn't at my full potential. Finally learning to love myself....and enjoy all God has done in me. Instead of feeling like I didn't do this or that each year.
As a tradition, I enjoy New Year's Eve as a time to reflect, worship and seek God for the future. The past few years have been more game nights (also, fun). But this year since our 3 boys have some bad coughs, we are staying in...and I hope to incorporate my growing up traditions into our new family (ok, new as in 5 still learning to add to our family traditions).
This past week I've gotten to enjoy my family who visited for Christmas. Only hosted 10 people this time. Skyped for the first time over at my in-laws (w/my Tx family) on Christmas Day. That was fun. Wish we could do that more. Made 'raw' cinnamon rolls (they were supposed to be cooked, and we all had to put ours back in the oven). Made overly salty pumpkin pancakes...which I think are really needing to be thrown in the compost pile now (that's what happens when you multiply by 5). Listened to my coughing boys. Watched them pray for each other....and their Pappa, who's ankle is healing very speedily! I love seeing my boys pray and ask for prayer on a daily basis. It's been super cold but we are learning how to keep our home warm. For me a fun thing is, I think from all the hosting, I've really kept up on my house's daily stuff, it seems way easier when you don't have that and 40 people under your roof. Though I'm truly thankful for all the time getting to have my family together. I think we are leaving the tree up since it just went up last week.
Oh, highlights, one of my girl friends (one of the babies I'd been praying for) had her little girl a month early, but all is well. 3 days of non-stop praying...(and enjoying God's Presence) and she arrived. Now, a few more babies due....looking forward to it.
I don't post this on here often....but I pray for more kids, I would love more....and every time I do....I also pray for a few other friends who are asking God to have a baby, too! It keeps me focused on Him, not just my own heart. I could write a lot more on this...and maybe later I will.
Well, off to enjoy my boys, story time. And try to get out my New Year's cards........
I hope to be back on next year, ha,ha....and post more everyday stuff, like the 'fun' of 3 toddler boys. Well, does a 4 year old count as a toddler, maybe now I've only got 2 toddlers and a child. Well, more on that later.

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