Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things that people say...

I know we all ponder and wonder at the things people say. I know, I for one, have not always thought before I spoke.....(still current at times and find my foot in my mouth).
But...these are the things I hear when I go out with my boys, and even with one of my sisters to help.
#1: "Wow, You've got your hands full." - I hear this the most, and just smile and say "Yes, and I'm blessed", or something like this...but after literally saying this 10 times even on the same aisle at the grocer store (that is, when one of my wonderful sisters or parents aren't watching them so I have some alone time at the store). I begin to wonder what I should I'm practicing on whoever is listening.....I'm also wondering what you say or would say to respond?
I've thought I could say: "My heart is full, too." Or...."Yes, and I'm so blessed", or "Actually, I don't have enough hands, do you want to come over and help".
I have to admit I must look like a funny show to some, as I maneuver my kids, in strollers and back packs and peruse (a word I for sure picked up from Adam) the aisle in search of my food and other items.
I have found some people shocked at me, others tell me what a wonderful job I'm doing, and even the same person will tell others through the store how amazing I am. That's nice to hear.
I now...can't remember really any others for the moment, I guess this one I hear so much, and wonder how people come up with this stuff.....I don't think I'd ever even think to say that to someone.
Ok, now I remember...."What a beautiful family you have," "I was a twin," "All boys?" - I always respond truthfully to this one, "I'm hoping for a few girls, next". Others say "You must have a lot of fun" - which is so very true!
I know growing up....people were not always kind. They were rude, to my Mom, in front of us....even (especially) Christians, so odd. I don't know what is so bad or sad to 'people' about a large family. I was so blessed and loved growing up. I hope God blesses me with many children. I am so glad my heart agrees with Him, Children are a blessing, a reward (paraphrased)....I can't imagine my life any other way.
For those who may not know me...I grew up in a wonderful family. I am the oldest of 13 kids. We also were blessed to have a few cousins and friends live with us from time to time. I felt so loved, spoiled and surrounded at all times with wonderful relationships (I still am). We always had our 'needs' met and then some. So, yes, I know my 3 boys are blessed to have one another, besides all of their uncles, aunties, cousins, Tita/Grandmas, Pappas, and more....
I may sometime talk more about this.....and let you know how I do in really saying what I think, since so many others seem to have that freedom already.
{And while writing this post, it got very quiet in the living room....we all know what too quiet means! Yes, my twins somehow had the fortune of find the bathroom door open, as well as, the toilet seat up! Their first time...and wish I could say the last to make toilet soup. Colby came and told me and found them just in time before the toy giraffe became soup, too.}

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Faith Alterton said...

Thanks for sharing this Becky. I get those comments too, and I struggle with how to answer sometimes too. It's hardest when I can tell the boys are about to go haywire and the fifth sweet elderly couple wants to learn everyone's names and ages in middle of the parking lot. It's such a temptation to just give the short brush-off answer, but I think maybe God's been trying to teach me patience in this area lately. So many people are curious, and it takes so little really, to pull to the side for a bit and visit. Often it turns out that they are lonely or struggling with wanting more children themselves but aren't sure about trying for more. And when I'm honest about "how we do it" with having so many at once, the answer has to boil down to leaning on God each and every day, and we get to talking about Him. As much as a crowd of preschoolers will allow, at least. :) But I've been amazed at how interested people are in hearing about how God helps with the everyday burdens. I used to think evangelism was much more formal, you know?

I'm loving our six and totally hope we have more. And like you, my hopes also include a couple girls. :) But it's so nice to hear that you enjoyed being part of a large family too.

Loving all the new posts!