Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sisters in Santa Cruz

Can you believe I got to go on a trip...yep! Thanks to my mom, Wendy (mom-in-law) and hubby, Adam. The last time I'd gone away from my baby (s) (Colby only at that time) was when he was 16 months old. All I did was miss him and wish we had him with us. Adam wanted a last 'break' since we'd just found out I was pregnant with twin boys. So, I tried again, and better success at being away and not being too 'kid sick' {home sick, etc....}.

Yes, sisters, just the 7 of us (minus Mallory our newest sister, Eddie's wife) and my (our) Mom. It took some working out lots of schedules from work to kids to car rides, etc....
We got to stay at a cute cottage (well, we had 2 for our trip) overlooking the ocean and a short walk to a somewhat private little cove. We enjoyed each and every min. of it. It's not often (pretty much never happens) that we can get us all together (imagine trying to add our 7 brothers and Dad to this, too, and the fact that Eddie/Mal is in TX) in one place.....and we love family/friends, so we always have a big party going on. But it was nice, just the sisters. Good sister bonding, sharing the same memories we made, stories we shared, tears we shed, laughter we bellowed, and love we feel.
I am thankful to be loved, pushed, hugged, and all that incorporates being a sister (the oldest, too) in my big family. We are dynamic (I know) and I love being with each and every one of my sisters. {I also am going to blog some stories on each family you can better get to know my wonderful family - sometime in the future around dusting and folding laundry}.
Favorite memoires of our trip: #1 Bathrooms, saw a few on this trip, hee, hee
#2 Eating, yep, our life revolves around this, and drinks
#3 the Ocean
#4 Heather's comments on seeing the ocean and the wildlife that is a part of it
#5 Time shared with my sisters, getting to bond with each of them and also realize that we are all pretty close (and now closer)
#6 The Hope I have....that keeps pushing me forward {sometimes pulling, too}

It was all great, but I'm thankful to be me in a my big family!

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Tiffany said...

Looks like a great time! There is nothing like a sister! {grin}