Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 toddlers = How many strollers?

You can never have too many strollers, contrary to popular opinions in my home (um, Adam, my husband, who is a clean and organized person and thinks they clutter our garage). I have found you need many for each and every different kind of outing. I'm sure my cousin, Faith will attest to this necessity, too.
I am a mom who enjoys babywearing, but sometimes there are days, the stroller is in high demand.
I've noted before some of my baby wearing combos I've attempted....(I think it's under babywearing)...and am still playing around with.
Back to strollers, Adam likes a clean garage, let me preface, and right now, no, it doesn't look like that.
I have gotten rid of a single stroller that worked with a infant car seat, no longer in need of a single. I only have 4 strollers now.
My single umbrella, my double umbrella (minus the umbrellas), my triple long Peg Prego (which was a gift second hand to me, and has now lost 2 of the 3 sunshades - lots of Vit. D in our family), and my most favorite all around, the Valco Tri Mode single....and more on all of these.
The single umbrella - a good go to, quick errand with Colby only (Colby is my oldest going on a whole whopping 3 years).
The double umbrella - a good go to for a quick in and out of the car (which I really try to refrain from every even needing to do this), I can put both twins in and Colby 'helps' push {he is really holding on for safety}, or a twin and Colby in the stroller and then putting a twin in a baby carrier of some type, usually my Ergo.

My triple long, good for the Fair, though terrible turning ability. I've used it for walks around my neighborhood when I want to go more than 1 mph. Meaning all 3 kids are in it. But it's very big for storage, takes about 5 mins to put together and 5 mins to take apart. I loved it when they were little....though I really needed something for 2 infants and 1 toddler, my choice, just stay home (for that phase). I think I'll be craigslisting it soon to go to my upgrade a stroller fund...

The Valco....a few of my friends turned me onto this, and though pricey, was a gift at Colby's baby shower. I loved the fact that I could attach the infant seat (with an attachment that I of course bought), later it became my everywhere stroller (didn't have an umbrella stroller, yet, when Colby was little)....a bit heavy and big to lift and load, but great for all terrains. I have a Honda Pilot that I load up everything in my large back area (second line of seats are down). I'm short enough {if I was a runner} that Valco would work as a jogger for me. But off-road hikes and trails were possible with this baby {baby and stroller}. When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby {really 3rd pregnancy} (we didn't know until 5 1/2 months we were having twin boys)...I proceeded to get ready to pack away my rain cover, my sun insect cover and get ready to buy the twin seat that attaches to it. So it's a double 'long', though it's not long at all. I love being able to turn it with one hand....especially when I've got Colby in tow, walking or 'helping' me push. It has a great sunshade built in for both the regular seat and one you can purchase for the toddler seat, which both my twins can use....easily. The sunshade (I broke, I guess I didn't open it properly and bent the mental repeatedly....until, it broke, but still functions)......has a net in back, and that can work (I've found) as a good head support for the one who passes out in front. I usually either put both twins in or Colby and a twin, and wear the other baby.

Now, onto....my next pick. The The Valco double tri mode with a toddler seat. I know there are a lot out there for moms of 2 or maybe more...but it's hard to really find one for me. I found a few on an Australian website that looked great for 3-4 kids! I wish they were closer or I lived there, ha, ha. I guess not as many moms of multiples or children close in age go out? Well, I love to be on the go, I do admit it's slowed down due to so many nap times, but I like to be able to get out when I can.
We were at the air show, juggling our kids around with the Valco and the Ergo.....and I ran into a fellow mom of twin boys, who had a big brother the same age as Colby...and little did I know the Vaclo came out with  a double side by side, with a toddler seat on the front, that you can buy a sun shade for....! As you can probably tell I am really excited! I have since then looked around for them....I'm gonna watch Craigslist for one...I did see a good deal, but didn't jump on it. I think since then they've also come out with some upgrades on this new model!
For me, and my kids, who are close in age....I'm hoping to start finding a good deal...and then hopefully sell (some) of the ones I have. Did I mention the new one at Valco...also has a step for the back, so you could actually have 4! Gotta be prepared....right.


Mary said...

Love it! You have got to stop by and try out the Boba (it came today) and Sam and I are both in love with it. So is Mason by the way :)

sothisislife said...

Yes, I'd love to...could I try it w/the sleepy, too? So I can see if I can double baby wear.....so fun! And that's great that Mason loves it, too!