Sunday, October 11, 2009

My birthday

All the girls, minus a few who had to get home after frozen yogurt

This blog is late in coming, but my motto is better late than never (most of the time).
I just have to blog about the best birthday time or week.
I am blessed with many who love me....and was asked by my good friend, Mary (Mary, I don't know how to add your website in, if she could throw me a birthday party.
Let me just preface that I really love my birthday, reasons to party, reasons to give gifts (or receive them). Now, being a Mom, you really appreciate the time and love that goes into organizing a little shin-dig. This year I thought I don't really care what I do (but deep down I did).... was so glad when Mary organized a small gathering of moms to go out on the town. We really lived it up in Grass Valley, by visiting our local frozen yogurt shop {we've not had one for a long, long time until the past few months}, and then seeing a chic flick. We saw Jennifer Aniston's movie, Love Happens, a good film, but not really a light and funny one, the way they'd like you to believe. I really wouldn't recommend seeing it to someone who's recently lost a love one or lost a love one in a car accident. Still a good movie, just a deeper more serious one than the previews portray. On a lighter note, I was blessed with some great lotions and candles, a hand crafted purse ( Mary), and a new pattern, oh, and a cooking magazine...what a wondeful nite out!
I love when birthdays don't end there.....lots of phone calls and the Happy Birthday song sung or left on my voicemail. Facebook messages....and of course birthday cards, which I display proudly for a month at least...(yes, they are still up).
The weekend following my birthday we went camping {another post to come...soon} and my family and close friends surprised me with a decorated cabin, some fine wines to taste, lovely jewelry and lots of love. It was so fun to celebrate all week long.
There are probably a few fun things I'm forgetting since it's been almost a month, but my lovely sister (in-law), Gaia, made me a beautiful bracelet (which now that my kids are older, I can now wear jewelry again). {Gaia makes some lovely jewelry, I have received it as gifts and also purchased from her to give as gifts...}.
Oh, I can't forget my shopping spree, yes! About a week before my birthday, I {started eating better and excersising} felt frustrated at living in sweats that don't fit, yes, sweats that didn't fit right...that's pretty bad. I had a few outfits that would work for the public {and no I don't wear my sweats out like some Grass Valleyians believe is ok}. All the clothes I have, and yes, Mom, I do have lots! But they are all smaller than my current build will allow to fit into. I've given a lot to my sisters, Megan and Kara and still I have more...that somehow don't fit. So, even with the fact that I knew from living healthier, I'd again be wearing some of my clothes that were packed away, I need a to get some new clothes, and FAST. Of course, I wish someone was there to help me pick things out, but being that Heather was watching my kids, I had to speed through the consignment store and quickly find myself a few good outfits. I did ok.....I found a pair of jeans for now, and one for later (risky, but once I make the choice in my head I'm usually set) - my goal jeans. A few good skirts (yes, I know it's Fall, and almost too cold already, but I realize skirts fit the build better and are way more comfy, too) and a few nice tops. It is hard when 1/2 the styles are still focused on looking maternity, even if they aren't, and so I tried my best with what was there....I am a happy girl. My shopping trip was a much needed therapy, and clothing fix, as well as, a birthday present from Adam's Mom and Grandma (birthday $). I don't want to forget to mention, that I finally used my make-up gift certificate, this same day! Yes, thanks to Heather watching the kids while I shopped (she was with me), I was able to use my Christmas gift certificate to buy some much needed make up (that I still find I rarely have the time to put on). It felt like a shopping extravaganza.
And last but not least.....I got to shop downtown for my sister (in-law), Mallory's birthday and also, found (with a birthday $ from my Grandma Jackie) a wonderful pair of jeans at this boutique shop I love (and on sale)!
A really great birthday, another year older, and feeling better with each year! I could say I'm like good wine, but that would be cheesy. And now to celebrate more October.

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