Wednesday, February 9, 2011

blogging w/out boys

AHhhhh...yes, I'm acutally blogging w/no help from my 3 helpful little men. I am out doing 'errands' at my hubbies office (and fast internet). So before I truly go to the grocery store, wanted to say hello.
pictures I do not have....still finding time to save them and upload them at my hubbies office. No time for that, yet.
Life is getting 'easier' I'd say. It's wierd to have a clean house (some days) and get dinner on the table at a decent hour and even have time to go out once in a while. I guess that is life when you're kids are over 2 and 4.
I'm not saying each day is easy, I tend to stress over what to make at night...and try to start it by 3/4 pm so I can get in on the table for my boys before it's actually bed time. Still the process of I like to eat yummy food and sometimes that's not 'kid' food at all. Spicy, or cabbage or weird things they don't like. Some nights it's just eat it or not. Others, it's a bit of this and that they like and a nice meal for the hubby and I.
Back to some easier days....I know for sure I need another baby w/ the way life is. (Ok, I want one everyday since the past year+)......but now that life is getting a bit more calm. I know I'm ready.
For sure there are crazy days, such as, yesterday, where we started snack/lunch at 10:30 and naps didn't really start till 12:30 = WHAT! and then it took the boys an hour to fall asleep!! I had dreams last night of feeling so out of control, lack of sleep and 3 deliriously (happy) boys is scary! Let's just say body slamming (the fun kind) starts.....and my voice is on mute to their ears, seriously...???
Today is  special day: I get to go to the grocery store w/out small children. I really should go, so I can go pick them up. A very close family friend said she'd love to play/watch them, I said, "Yes, please."
Enough of my boring ventings....on a fun note, researched today (on a fast internet server = very exciting) more home school ideas....for reading, etc. And, a camera. Yes, I can barely believer it. My hubby is donating to my camera fund (out of a bonus he had)....and instead of's soon. My sis-in-law and a few others are helping me learn a bit more before I make a choice.  Would love thoughts on a good digital camera...and some basic start. Software? (for a Mac). Well, fun, is full of surprises.
Off to the exciting life of shopping w/out boys!

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