Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why I started this blog

This blog was my friend, my journal, my dear diary for a long time. It encouraged me in the things I was (am) passionate about. I felt it was a way to document my life, my kids lives, and hopefully have somewhere to come back to, later to refelect on memories. When I realized that a whole year had passed after I'd had my twins, and I could barely remember any of it. That was the day I decided to document it. It's been a long time since I've written, though I enjoy it, I had to put it on hold to live life.
My twins just had their 6th birthday! We've come so far.....though I still have moments (many of them) of forgetting things, events, names, etc.....especially who's who with my children (namely my twins, they are identical!).
A month ago we celebrated my youngest son's birthday of the big 1! I still am so happy I had a 4th baby! Life is adventourus, but never will it be as crazy as it was when my 3 babies were all babies! Now I just have one baby and three big(er) boys. Sadly saying 4 boys, ages 7 and under isn't as cool as when I could say 3 kids 1 and under. or 3 kids 2 and under......it would help me feel that yes, this is hard, but good, it sounds hard, too....ha, ha. Now I can look back with compassion on myself and see that yes, it was hard. So grateful for those times. Still trying to enjoy these times, daily as they pass so quickly. So here's to trying to write more again....and document my kids' lives and maybe get to share from my heart a little more, too. I'm not just into or about gluten free eating, cute kids, and what I'm making/baking.
And now off to never never land.......and some much needed sleep.

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