Sunday, October 28, 2012


For Science check out this Cool interactive solar sysytem we are studying
I found this fun online solar display. We were going to make one, but the white styrofoam balls cost 2-3 each and I needed at least 9 of we are going to paint them on a large piece of paper, and enjoy our glow in the dark solar system for $4.99. Maybe when my youngins are older....and can retain more (and I don't have to do most of the crafty work) we'll make a hands-on one. Or I'll check with Adam's crafty Aunts who always have these sort of things in their attics:)
Deep in thought
We are also going to begin the Five Senses. After a bit of research, I decided on the library for resources and some hands on fun. I'm also going to copy my Mom's fun activity of putting different foods in a bag, tasting and identifying them. And we (I) will look for opportunities throughout our day to apply the Five Senses. We will probably draw some of what we do, too.
For ideas, I always try, Google, Pintrest, and the library, (oh and my Mom, a homeschool educator for over 36+ years)
Another thing I love about this year, besides the fact that I get to spend each and every day with my kids, is that we get to have so much fun learning together.
I was really surprised at the boys retaining Bible verses...(which of course we really just started being consistent at). I chose Psalm 29, since I memorized this in First Grade. I'm focusing on verse by verse each week and also discussing it at my kids level.
And the LIBRARY......we go almost every week. Another fun memory from my own childhood, coming home with brown sacks full of books that I would devour until the following week. I also, remember being very car sick becuase I couldn't wait to get home from the library on our 20 min. windy, curvy country road. And yes, I'd have to lay there (Or power through helping the family) while I recovered from my car reading sickness. It's so fun to make the outing. I do have to say I get overwhelmed at carrying a large sack of bags and holding all my boys hands on the treck back the car.  But the joy when we get home.....3 little men on the couch, quietly 'reading' while I make lunch. Peace and Quiet and lots of fun times together cuddling and reading for the week ahead.
Well, I must start our carnitas for this yummy Sunday evening.....

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