Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Discount for FIT2B

Hi Friends,
Just wanted to share the love and a discount! see links below. (Sign up on the side of blog).
I know I've shared a bit of my journey to healing my core after 4 pregnancies, 5 babies, twins, a c-section, and bloating due to food allergies. Most in real life I've shared with my family and friends, but I wanted to begin to share on my blog, too.
I'll post more soon (think real life pictures...yes may too much for some to see a tummy but I want to share my journey), but I just found out I can offer a 30% off for a year long membership with Fit2B. It's so worth it. I love being able to do a 10-15 min workout, and if the day allows sometimes up to 45 mins. They have over 100 workouts and a lot of great education on how to be tummy-safe and grow in healing your body, all of your body! Nothing (of our bodies) left behind. (oh, and all my boys can watch it without asking why the girls don't have clothes on. This is what I got when I did other workouts, I like not having to think about when I can do my workouts if they are around).
I know personally for me after having my twins, via emergency c-section, that I had a long hard journey to get healthy/fit again. I did lots of cardio, but couldn't do the sit ups. Something inside me said, they were wrong. I only ended up with a neck kink and a head ache for a day or two. So I did everything but sit ups. (When I found FIT2B it confirmed my gut feelings about my own body and all of ours). NO planks (until healed), no crunches or sit ups, ever. I know it sounds crazy...but it's about all the muscles in your body, not just the exterior muscles. We are amazing and complexly made.....and made to heal.
Right before my pregnancy with Brody, I thought, I want to challenge myself to heal, and naturally. My husband is of the mind set of quick. Think if he was the woman, scheduled c-section, tummy tuck, etc. But I on the other hand liked the challenge of healing the way I knew my body was meant to heal. Now....to find the education/information on how to proceed. I began to research, not knowing a lot. Just knowing I had a big belly (getting asked what the sex of my baby was daily and was skinny everywhere else. I stumbled upon Fit2B and also realized I was pregnant with my 5th baby, 4th pregnancy. I began to do the simple workouts meant for pregnancy and those with a diasatsis recti. A Diastasis, is the separation of the muscles in your tummy/core area, from many things, for me mainly pregnancy and a c-section. I have loved Fit2B because I could do their workouts and know I was healing my body, preparing for pregnancy (this time a VBAC- Vaginal Birth After C-section) and my goal to heal my core/diastasis. I have learned so much and they just opened up a education course which is on sale for a little bit longer. I've sign up for this too, because I know for me being educated along with exercise/movement has taught me how to move daily, through out my daily chores/activities. Think a 7 year old, two 6 year olds and a very active 1 year old, all boys, all the time! I never knew how I got out of bed, or how I bent over could be affecting my core healing/strength and the rest of my body/health.
I have more to share, but I wanted to share this link. When you sign up put in: living and you'll get 30% off a yearly membership. Also, if you use my affiliate link on the side of this blog, top right side. (I do get paid from sending you their way but it doesn't cost you anything. Who doesn't want a discount, too). If you're not sure check out the site and there is always a free workout each month. And if you want to come over (local GV peeps) you can preview what I have with my membership, so many workouts and education. And I'd love share with you.  (Disclaimer I'm not a trained medical person or trainer, just can share my basic knowledge that has personally helped me). I know for me I learn so much from the people in my life.....and I enjoy the treasure hunt of find things that help make life better. Fully Living! Here's the link for the course on experts/education that's only on sale a bit longer: http://fit2b.us/courses/experts-on-diastasis/ It's not open yet, but you can get a deal on it if you do it now. Also, there are discounts once you sign up for other courses, like the Tummy Team and splints sometimes. (I'll share more about the tummy team, but they are below FIT2B on the top right and my education with them).
Hope you're enjoying the last day or month before school starts. Off to be with my kids. (PS if you are a professional midwife/DR, physical Therapist/Trainer, they also have courses on the Tummy Team for continued education).
Let me know if you have questions.

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