Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have connection......

After a long period of little internet, to my phone being my wifi and a computer! It's happened.
I now have the (easier) option to post random things to my hopes to remember some of what I've done with myself...and my family.
I think I ended with us getting ready to move...back into our 900+/- sq ft home.....I was very doubtful it would work.....but it has. Of course, we are entering 'winter'.....and I'll see how we manage...homeschooling 3 rowdy and happy boys!
I would have to say this move was good for our family, getting rid of a lot of stuff.....and learning that it's good (pack-rat in recovery). I have to be more organized with my time with the boys, but it's good for us all (minus the fact that the play set is too wet now to play on and burn off energy).
I think I'm rambling my tired need to go to bed ramble. But really excited to be back on....And writing about life.
Until.....later, chow....addios, asta lavista.....

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