Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blogging and Asparugus

Ok, just a funny title {eating up veggies that needed to be eaten and blogging}. Just got done putting up our tree and (some) ornaments. The kids were really too small to do it, still....and so we ended up protectiong them from the onrmanets and the ornaments from them....but the tree is up. The rest of the decorating happens at night. I remember my mom doing that with our family....little ones in bed who couldn't comrehend the idea of decorating and then not touching the tree anymore after that time. Taking notes on that one.
Did I mention recently that i love my 3 toddlers, who are slowly beginning to all act 2 years old at the same time?! At least I'm in the mode of being a 'good' mommy when they are acting up. I know we have more to come....but this is my first time at it....and I get to do it x's 3.
I don't have too much to say...since I'm just trying to get my life organized {as usual} and need to get a crying napper up.
Will write more when I have more energy (just had the flu, not so fun)......and get up some pics once I actually have some to post.
Merry Christmas....and can't wait to have time to write some more....

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