Monday, November 16, 2009


I know we are all more aware of being thankful this month, some of it is the fact that Thanksgiving is upon us, and I believe, also, that though most are affected by our slow economy, there is more gratefulness for the things that are important and the 'things' we do have.
I know my heart is stirred up at many things. Just last night, Adam and I were watching a show on twins, twins that are attached physically. I became thankful and grateful that both our boys were born healthy.
I may have chatted bout this previously. But I want to give voice to my thoughts that are rumbling inside my head. I just had this 'feeling' while I was pregnant that something was up w/Kyle, I don't know what, but to this day i feel God did something while he was still in my womb. One of my aunts prayed and said she 'heard' = Sons of Thunder! From that day on I had a peace that replaced feelings of something unknown. And for sure she was right on in hearing God's voice.....they are that! I am eager to see all of who they will be.
I am so thankful for my family, my parents, my hubby and kids, my home for my family, food always on the table (I get to make it usually, but Adam did last night, and yummy), heat for our home, clean laundry, a sandbox full of sand, and so much more!
What are you thankful for today? This month? This year?

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