Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three kids under two...

Three kids under the age of two...yes, when I hear myself say it, it sounds scary. But I believe God designed us to allow Him to work through us and that He made us capable of carring large loads (with His help).
My mind still thinks and ponders our first days and weeks togehter. I am still asking my husband, Adam and mom, tell me about our hospital stay. And when I talk with family and friends who helped or visited...they remind me of what the days were like. Sleep really helps the memory bank. I still am in awe of the miracle of two healthy sons and all the love and support we still receive.
So...3 under 2....yes, it's fun and crazy. I admit there are moments of questioning how I can do it, or listening to babies cry...let's just say there have been times when all 4 of us are crying and are so happy when Adam gets home, though I know he may not be as happy to arrive into such a spectacular display of loudness. Most days...good days consist of getting up, feeding my kids, packing my husband up for the day, sending him off, getting my own food and beginning to do the many loads of laundry per day, along with dishes and various chores. I've become way more ogananized and even have a list of chores each week to accomplish. I am so thankful for my mom who ecourages me to overcome my scatter brainness and learn to discipline my self as well as my two year old. I'm learning that in my heart to be the best mom I can, I've cattered to my son and now it's my turn to be in charge. He's still a very good and well behaved kid, I've just let him have his way about what foods he'll eat and allowing him to wine....whine way too much. So...we are on a new course to ecourage him and guide him to be all he can be. You may not realize...nor did I, that when you begin to teach and disipline your children, you also get to discipline your self. How do you teach a child to pick up toys and books, well, you sit with them and show them by example, then you let them do it, not perfect, but just as well as a two year old can *yes, he just turned two, but I had to use this title...becuase it's been my reality for the past 4 months.
So as I've grown to expect my little man to pick things up, take trash to the trash can, put dirty clothes away....I've grown and my son is better for it.
I still don't go anywhere alone...but soon as I can begin to put both babies on me, I may try?! I have a baby back pack and I may try, that's a maybe. The best idea for me is staying home. I've gone from a social butterfly to a stay at home mommy. (I just put on a veggie tail movie for my son,the first time I've done it to get something done...)
There are still things that we don't do or can't do. We have taken a family picture...but we still need to get a 'good' one. I'm going to 'try' to get a Christmas letter out..,that's a goal, but maybe not a reality. We don't go out to eat, we did once, but that was with the help of my mom. I don't go to the store with my kids, I leave them at home with Adam at night or at my parents when they are napping. I am so grateful for the time my mom-in-law watched all 3 so I could go out and buy a present for a cousin. Much of my to-do list that can't be done at home are on hold...I just do what I can each day around feeding, naps, playing and loving.
When I do go out...that's only to locations where my family or Adam's will be...I must plan around naps and feedings. If I'm not ready when the twins are up...then it's time to wait till the next feeding. Which means I better hury and get ready for our tea party at my Aunt's. That is if it works out. You see I have to be laid back and flexiable..which is good I'm mostly that way naturally.
I've had to say 'no' to things becuase it's just too much for me or for my kids, or husband.
The first 2-3 months were so intense, but now life is better. I have my hard days, but like my mom reminded me last night as I was frustrated and figuring out how to be a mom and what to do, that "this to shall pass". I have to let go of being the perfect mother, and just do my best. I think in some ways my kids will be more balanced for it, too. I am already seeing the personalities and needs of my kids are in the order God gave them to me in. Colby needed lots of one on one and bonding, but also needs now the balance of sharing and giving. My twins, are not very needy and content most days. Teething has begun...not so fun and so goes the holding and for me considering pain relievers for the gums...I'm so natural it's hard to think of doing, but crying sad babies who don't sleep need help and love. Right when I think it's getting 'easier' I then come upon new challenges. First it was just cooking, then cleaning up and laundry, and now it's helping my 2 year old not fuss or be a picky eater, and for my twins, Kyle and Ryan helping them grow (trying to only nurse..but some formula still) and help them through teething.
Well, I'd love to ponder and share my life more, but it's time to get ready to go to town, my every other week grocery trip and a tea party and dinner at my folks. Tomorrow I try to host a b-day party for a girl friend once all the kids are in bed....My first time to host anyone in months.
Now to pry my child from the tv (I was so proud when he didn't like tv) and get ready.


Kristen said...

I am tired just thinking of this!

Momma Mary said...

Sometimes the tv is your best friend, and your worst enemy... use it wisely... :)

transparence said...

You are amazing! Seriously. I think it's hard with one, it's always good to have someone put life in perspective. Thanks. :)