Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life with twins

Getting creative...most moms I know implement this idea..but creativity with twins for me is sometimes born from desperation.
Legs....almost as good as arms....who knew?! I am able to hold one in the crook of my knee and bottle feed while nursing one. I finally figured out a way to nurse both that works for me. But am sure not going to try this in way to be discreet. I can hold and carry both babies at once, but they sure do weigh a lot!!! Last month they were 11 we'll see how much they are on their 3 month b-day of Oct. 25.....
Cuddles....some days it takes a while to take care of them....and so when they are not on the same can be hard. But at the same time I get more cuddle times in when they are off schedule from one another. I get to cuddle them, carry them around now that their heads aren't so wobbly (though I still have to support them), or put them in a wrap and get stuff done, till they fall asleep.
3 under 2 = fun, love, craziness, and less sleep. Colby (who'll be 2 in Nov.) is fun (when he's not whining) and a mellow kid. He wants to potty train, though we've only had 1 time of some where in between nursing, diapers (for 3), and trying to feed us all (including my self at least 6 times a day, yes, that's just for me the 6 times a day, yikes) I'm pretty busy. I'm learning to be more organized with my time, my house and my brain. I'm more care free and social, but need to be more focused to get more done. I'm good and taking a break and just playing with my kids or having a cuddle time.
Well...ta, ta for now..I hear a baby and a big boy who want up from naps and to be fed (I already ate my second lunch for the day).

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Kristen said...

Oh my I can't even imagine! Sounds like you have long days and nights!