Monday, July 6, 2009

It's been a long time baby!

I think the title for this blog is from a cigarette commercial or something from when I was little. Do you ever find it weird that you can say " When I was little". I have people look at me oddly, like I'm still young. I am...especially at heart, but now I find that I have memories that go back to 'when I was little'. On that note of retrospect, I'm sitting here, all my kids are in bed, my husband is on his way home from work, and I'm sipping an adult beverage (tonight it's a dark beer) while I attempt to blog (and hopefully continue on for those who find it interesting, entertaining or just fun to read). It's a way to journal my life, especially since the past year is really a blur or a blob.
Adam and I have come through so much with the arrival of our twins. It'll be a year at the end of this month. It's good that we don't know what to expect sometimes, otherwise we wouldn't sign up for it. I think I would still do it again.....but I do have to say, Thank you - God that it's easier and I've come to be so very thankful for all our support. When I say support, I am including those who've supported us in prayer, as well as, encouraged us through the rough ground of a pure crazy 3-4 months of newborn/infants, plus a 20 month old, to a hectic year, and now to a period of I believe, possibly the lull before the storm. We've been supported by family and friends in our family, marriage, and especially with our kids. I can look back now and say I'm thankful for all the growth (and stretch marks - I'm literal, as well as, figurative). There were times I wanted to give up on how hard twins were, but add to that real life, a toddler, and marriage that all need to be handled with love and attention. I have to admit there were a few times I felt 'done', shed some tears and went back at it, not sure how I was going to keep going on. I received (we both did) a lot of help with our kids from family and friends the first few weeks and to any mom's of twins out there....or expecting. I am willing to come sleep over and help! We still thankfully live close to both sides of our family, and are blessed to have family watch our kids when we need to do an errand or go on our bi-annual date.
I am hoping to post more regularly, in efforts to share my life, as well as document it for myself. I don't remember much of the past year, but there are some highlights. The night the twins slept through the night. My first time sitting down to finger paint with Colby, while our twins slept. Our first outing (I think around 9 months?) to the park, alone. Yep, I cried with joy, that we were finally out and that I could take my kids to the park. Weaning them to a bottle and then to a sipee, both give you more energy to put back into your kids, but again, bitter sweet. It all means they are growing up. You want them to, but then I realize that they are no longer babies, and becoming little men. Hearing momma and dadda and owww. Smiles, priceless! They are the reward right now for all the hard work and love you give.
I am enjoying the fact that today I fingerpainted with my son, Colby, who is now a little over 2 and 1/2. There is a bittersweetness to it all, since we are out of the busy, busy times of care taking, it also means we are out of babyhood and moving onto toddlerhood. Ryan has been walking more and more....and Kyle is getting ready to. Saying their first words, wonderful smiles, new foods, first steps, scary antics of climbing up on things, and don't forget the opinions and attitudes of maturing.
In reference to when I said the lull before the storm, it's just been getting easier, but when they are both walking, I don't know what that will look like or if it'll get harder, I'm sure it will. For now they enjoy a large sectioned off play area that they can't get out of. I did have to secure it when they figured out a way of getting out. It's a safe area and allows me to do my chores and then join them to play. When I let them out, they are on the 'go', and so am I. Exploring and hiding in the smallest places, and also getting stuck or in trouble. My twins think they can swim and have attempted to crawl right into the lake and just keep on going (under water). So, as you can imagine, I always go to the pool/lake/river with someone else. My sisters and brothers have been great at accompanying me places or letting me go to the grocery store for an hour alone.
Well, before I write a book on the past year and the future thoughts, I'll go a head and sign off and fill you in more regularly in shorter increments.
This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Enjoy your day.


Charis said...

you are AMAZING! that is all i have to say. and i should know... i am the older sister to twins, and we were 3 under 2 as well for a bit. mommies who have twins have a special grace that the Lord knows and He blesses their kids!

Faith Alterton said...

I hear you on the always going near water with someone to help out! But you know what ... we spent the fourth with friends who have a pool and between waterwings and two swimmers now, I almost think I could handle them alone. Almost. Like our moms say, it's not forever! Glad to see you're back - can't wait to read more!

Momma Mary said...

it has been way to long! blogging is wonderful- once you get into a habit, you will love it. i miss you!

Goodnewsart said...

I thought this was you. I've been here before. How wonderful to hear your twin adventures. It's so encouraging. My girls can now open all the doors, but even though they keep me on my toes, and constantly looking for ideas to keep them safe in their exploring and NO FEAR... it's easier than when they were infants. Even though I look back fondly on those sleepless nights and their baby time. I'm looking forward to following your creative life. It's true what Momma Mary said, you're going to love blogging, and I for one am going to enjoy reading yours!