Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday mornings with out Adam

Days that start with Adam heading off to work, mean I usually treat the day about the same, but still had to do some Sunday morning baking, even if it means I'll be eating the hot cinnamon rolls alone.
Adam left early and I was in bed cuddling my early riser, Colby. Then, of course, he's hungry, early! So, we got up and made some yummy oatmeal pancakes with coconut milk. We had a our bonding time, and his breakfast. Colby ate quite a few and went back for more. I decided since my kitchen was now a mess (well, dinner didn't get clean since I hadn't seen Adam all day), to bake some cinnamon rolls my sister Michele suggested.
I enjoyed my cool morning, with yummy smells (still waiting on the last rising of my rolls, before baking them), and now my twins, Kyle and Ryan, are finally up. Sleepyheads, love it!
I think we'll go for a cool walk today, then they'll want to play outside before my twins go down for a nap. Later we'll head to town so I can finish buying my fabrics for a project I'm beginning tomorrow night with our girls sewing class. I've got spaghetti on the menu for dinner, easy and good.
Well, now my baby boys (1 year now and 1 1/2 months) are done and it's time to get some walking shoes on. I may try out my new leash system for our walk, instead of the stroller.
Enjoying this day that the Lord has made.


Mary said...

i need one of those right now!

sothisislife said...

Mary, I'll bring one by if you want, or save one until tomorrow's sew class....I think I have to venture back to the fabric store today!