Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The days of September

So, since summer is coming to a close, I took the kids 'camping'. I did it without Adam, since anything other than home with the kids can make him feel overwhelmed. I joined my parents at our family friends' cabin, The Millers. It was wonderful. Just being out in nature, no cells, no internet, just family and the stars above you. Ok, so when I say camping....I mean we were in the cabin, but the boys all did get really dirty outside. I wasn't sure if I was crazy for trying this alone, and almost gave up a few times just in the packing phase. But upon arrival I was so glad I did it. My family helped me with the kids, but I still had to break out the large fenced area for play time. We sat overlooking the river....and a deck with no rails.....so it was man on man (no zone here) or the 'cage'. It takes almost as long to do all the things I do, even with help, and even camping. But once the kids were in bed, and asleep, I got to join the adults....so fun! Drinks and campfire and catching up. Wonderful old memories and new ones, now, too. I think for me it means even more, since the past year I've given up doing a lot of things, because it's just not feasible or would be really crazy. So my heart is grateful to have gone for a day (and night). I loved that in the morning....the coffee grinder and Jim were up and louder than Colby. (Colby and Jim both wake at 6 am). So I joined them for coffee (Colby drank water) and we waited as we woke up the rest of our gang. The rest of the morning, while the twins slept, I took Colby hiking, crossed the river to a swim beach and then swam back across with him on my back, wow, didn't know I could do that still.
Packing, unpacking, re-packing....I do tire from it, but it's the only way to get out and take my kids to make memories outside our home. I realize they are a bit young for remembering besides all the pictures I take, but I look at them as practice runs and sanity for me.
Now, I am ready for a family 'camping' trip back to the cabin.

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